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  1. My dermatologist is at the UCLA medical center as well and he recommended that I talk to Dr. Moy about the Fraxel laser. I called Dr. Moy and was also quoted $900 per treatment for 4 treatments. At that point I was like "thanks but no thanks". That seems really, really expensive for a product that has just come on the market and isn't proven effective.
  2. I was going to use it for my acne scars. According to the dermatologist I have extensive superficial scarring (although IMO it isn't very superficial). He said that lasers are the best bet to get rid of acne scarring and that dermabrasion isn't done anymore. I was of course a bit skeptical since few people have had success with lasers. But, I told him I'd look into it. I called up another derm and was quoted a price of $3600 for four treatments. No way I'm paying that much.
  3. Talked to a dermatologist today and he mentioned a laser that he thought was very effective and was considering buying. It is called the Fraxel Laser. Unlike a regular laser, the Fraxel laser burns thousands of tiny holes, leaving bits of undamaged skin tissue. Supposedly this greatly aids the healing process and one can function normally right after leaving the office. Anyone heard of this laser? Better yet, anyone ever use it?
  4. A playboy model with some acne scars is just that - a PLAYBOY MODEL with some acne scars. Right there you've already proven that you're at the top of the pyramid. You don't need to worry about what guys think, but if you have self-esteem issues you ought to try and help yourself. Everyone has been great in posting information about all these different techniques, but I just don't know which one to try. It seems like there's at least one person raving about each technique and at least one per
  5. Just as the title says - I have little bumps on my skin and want to know if dermabrasion will get rid of them. Also, my skin is what we here call "orange peel", i.e. lots of enlarged pores.
  6. I'd give a review there but I have never visisted that site and so I would be viewed with great suspicion I suggest that someone who is a frequent poster, a "regular", write the review.
  7. Dan, As important as word-of-mouth is (and believe me, it's IMPORTANT), it works best when used in conjunction with advertising. I know, everyone hates ads. We hate them because they waste our time and trick us into purchasing products that don't work or are far less effective than the advertisers claim. But the difference is that this product WORKS. People want to see your ads, they want to know about this product. Honestly you are doing people a service by increasing your brand awareness
  8. heheh, i've got ocd as well. pain in the butt isn't it? Guys care about how they look, although they might not "worry" about it as much as women.
  9. Actually, even in the movies actresses can be "airbrushed" It's not quite as easy as doing it in photoshop, but believe me there are methods to make an actress look flawless and those methods are used time and again. One of the key techniques is what is called soft lighting. Other techniques include soft filters, makeup, and digital retouching. Trust me, a good cinematogopher combined with a good makeup artist will make anyone look presentable at the very least. Now, I'm not saying that s
  10. wait, so has anyone had good results with TCA?? Maya said 10%, and others seem to not be seeing anything?
  11. Below is an excerpt from the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for those who might be thinking that TCA isn't any different from your 10% Mandelic Acid. 3. Hazards Identification Emergency Overview -------------------------- DANGER! CORROSIVE. CAUSES SEVERE BURNS TO EVERY AREA OF CONTACT. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED OR INHALED. INHALATION MAY CAUSE LUNG DAMAGE. J.T. Baker SAF-T-DATA Ratings (Provided here for your convenience) ----------------------------------------------------------
  12. er, well that sucks. Does anyone else know how to get a hold of it then?
  13. I'm half-asian (chinese). Pretty fair skin, although definitely darker than whitey~