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  1. My eating habbits are not one to brag upon, actually they pretty much suck. But my main question is is having an unhealthy diet can they effect your preformance on Accutane or are there any major problems that might occur later down the road?
  2. Welll, never thought so many ppl would reply to one of my threads. Thank you all for your output on this topic. Keep posting
  3. I agree with you on that, im not a very patienciant person... but all I have to do in this case is just think of the long term results and how it's worth the wait even if it feels like an eternity!
  4. Could you give me the link to the before and after section plz. Id really like to see how the accutane works on different ppl!
  5. LoL, ya honestly... all around my nose and my mouth is just dry skin... I usually have to moistureize around 2 times a day. And in some cases I take my moisturizer with my just in case lol!
  6. Wow 2 weeks, im on Month 1 and still nothing to significant has happened to my skin.!
  7. That's wicked guys, seems like it's different for everybody... Sadly I still have'nt woke up and said that phrase yet, but the day will come
  8. So guys, tell me when did you wake up one morning and say "HOLY **** I LOVE YOU ACCUTANE"!
  9. I agree with you, it gives us alot more info. I've already got mine all typed up!
  10. I'm actually in the same boat as you are, except I don't have a wedding my issue is prom lol. Prom is around the end of June and I had to make my decision around the end of May so I had around a solid month on Accutane. So far I'm pleased with the results and I'm very satisfied with my decision to start Accutane as to wait and start after prom. There is quiet a bit of dryness. But as mentioned above you can moisturize whice makes your skin feel so much better. And the dry lips is'nt hard to get
  11. I'm almost finished with month two, and this is my first month on a full dose. I noticed changes in the first 2 weeks, when i was just on a half dose. My super-oily skin turned to normal skin by week two, breakouts became minimal and superficial. I am very happy with my progress so far. The only negative side effect I have at this time is that that I need chapstick literally every 20 minutes. Also, some poison ivy rash i got in the first month was aggravated by the accutane, and looks like
  12. Just curious, I've been on accutane for around a month now and I'm see'ing slight changes in my skin, for the best of course . But I'm just wondering what time is comon in treatments to start to notice significants improvements in your skin?
  13. I currently am using Cetaphil Cleanser every morning and night, is this a good idea to be using one while on tane, or should I not be using any products on my face other then say a moisturizer?
  14. WTF? Im told you should not take Accutane with the fatty foods because you don't want your cholesteral going up. If it does in some cases they may have to take you off the drug.
  15. I've officially been on Accutane for 1 week and 1/2, and I've got all the common side effects starting to kick in. Very dry lips, my skin is very dry and in some areas beginning to peel. And in certain areas of my face I've noticed my acne is getting worse. But I have a few questions I've just gotten two new cysts under my skin on my face and I was wondering how long it will keep getting worse and when on Accutane do you really start to see the good results?
  16. I've only been on Accutane for around 1 week, and lately I have been experiencing a very sore back. It hurts to lean over to far and after doing an unusual small amount of physical activities my back feels very stif and in some cases there are sharp pains focused on certain areas or my back. Could this be caused by Accutane or could it be something else?