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  1. Would it be a bad idea to tan after I'm done my Accutane Treatment. I've been off it for about a month now.
  2. rofl, best post ever. thanks, i had a good laugh. you are so ignorant. Woot!, I got the best post ever award! YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT WHO SHOULD GET THE FUCKING BEST POST AWARD SO SHUT YOU'RE FUCKING MOUTHS YOU STUPID PRICKS
  3. Well my mom was talking to my derm over the phone, and basically he said I was done... I had to stop taking it immdiatly... and go get another blood test done to see if they were going down... personally I don't think its as bad as my parents are telling me. I'm underage when it comes to alcohol so I supose this is just one of their tactics to try and scare me
  4. I had about half a month left, I had currently been on about 80 mg's for the last couple months... my skins clear now just worried if my acne comes back I wont be able to turn to Accutane
  5. Sorry for the outburst, I'm quiet dissappointed that because of one party I'm done accutane... like you guys said hopefully this wont effect me going on it agian in the future
  6. It was a full month after that night I drank when I did my blood work so where did you guys get the idea I drank the night before...
  7. We'll you guys were way off when saying you can drink, stop giving ppl the wrong idea... all of you are full of shit when you say I drank a ton last night and my blood test are fine. Anybody that really wants clear skin don't listen to a thing these idiots say about alcohol when it comes to Accutane. I went to a party had a couple of drinks and now my dermetologist took me off it. He said that my liver enzymes are up 4x their normal thing or w/e... I was pretty much done my treatment only had a
  8. Well peeps I've been on Accutane for around 4 months now and holy shit it's kicking in like mad lately hardly any new acne and if I do get a new one its gone in like one day. I gotta say it took a hell of a lot of patience but it was well worth it. Tommorrow im going to wear my nicest outfit and get my mack on... lol
  9. I have been through this before, I went through 3 courses of Accutane in my life, and I had the same thing happen. Throughout, each separate course I was on, I broke out. I have to ask you...what kind of topicals are you using, if any? What kind of products are you using...cleansers, moisturizers, shaving products, etc.? This could be a key! All I've really used is a Cetaphil Moisturizer, and I don't shave very often so I'm sure that's not it...
  10. Everytime I start too see my skin improve and I get all excited I flare up and breakout... I'm currently on week 11, I'm shocked my skin looks worse then when I started this treatment. I thought 100% that my skin would be clear by 11 weeks not worse... why am I still breaking out I thought I already went through the initial breakout!
  11. cmon, if there is one serial killer, i'm pretty sure the rest of us can take em on the guy swung an axe at his best friend. Ya didnt he almost kill him when he was drunk, and that dumbfuck thought it was funny...
  12. I have a ton of blackheads on my bad, I've been on a dose of 50mg's for one month, and also 70 mg's for the second month... the blackheads are still there but my back isn't breaking out as bad as it use to. Should I exfoliate or not on my back?
  13. Mine never worked, was on it for around 6 months and noticed no improvement what so ever....
  14. Thx for posting that, Im currently on my 2nd month of accutane and I'm getting a little discouraged... I got a couple new cysts on my back and they really hurt. But don't worry I'm not one to give up... I'll tough it out for the best. But ya really good post it really cheered me up, I love reading these ones they give us all hope .
  15. Dude FPS Doug is the shit, do you follow Pure Pwnage mask?
  16. He's right if there were there should be more catagories, then they could have an Asshole Section where this guy could post all day long
  17. You're right about the picture idea, my current avatar I look so sexy... and you can't even see my acne
  18. I had that to, I take its probubly you skin just adjusting to the feeling of whatever topical product you are using on your skin, sense the burn went away after a week for me. I'm probubly wrong on that one lol, get a 2nd opinion.
  19. Yes swelling can be one side effects, this never happened to me but I've read about it happening to other. Don't worry to much about this liliana it usually will go away after a week or so. Congratz on starting your Accutane, can I ask why your derm put you on such a low dose... I thought if you have severe cystic acne your usually at a does of say 60-80mg's? But anyways 20mg's of accutane is better then nothing. Theres one thing about accutane you must realize though it requires an immense am
  20. Hey John, I remember back in the old day when I first found out I was an accutane candidate lol. But lets get serious theres some very important things you should now about accutane that can make youre course more barible. The link below is a FAQ's about accutane many questions are answered there so I won't bother typing out much. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=44105 John there are a few things I susgest you do before you start your accutane course. Be sure you buy alot o