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  1. I'm a 23 years old male. I did Dan's regimen and followed other forum members advice for the past 2 years or so. My acne definitely improved (though I still get minor white heads at times) but I think it's time to deal with my "other" skin problem. I've been having skin rashes all my life, usually around my elbow and knee area when I was in my teens. It itches, I scratch, it turns reddish and slightly inflated. Sometimes I use Cortizone and the rash would later turn to a soft brown spot.
  2. Moisturizers or sunscreen tends to make me extra extra OILY. In the morning i would usually just use a cleanser and thats all, its too risky to make my skin oily in the morning. edit: at the moment i dont have any moisturizers, can aloe vera be a substitute? thanks for the replies people!
  3. How effective if i were to just use BP 2.5% and nothing else? i have alot of acne scars and brown spots. i dont know what i should take care first, active acne or scars? Does BP do anything the color of your skin?
  4. Today i had my 3rd microdermabrasion done and as usual, my face is pretty red. Later on at night, my eyes were burning a bit so i used some eyedrops (Visine). 15 mins later when i was bout to wash my face, i looked in the mirror and noticed the trail that the Visine left from my eye down to my chin was very odd. Every part of my face was red except for the trail which seems completely pale...lightened up, and I wished all the other parts of my face was that color. Kinda freaked me out so i
  5. hey dude ya kno what, the Mandelic acid cleared my red blotchy spots. I don't know was i allergic to something or maybe at the time i was using some hardcore 10% BP which my face can't take. As for old scars from zits, i have light brown icepicks that are flat. Some are slightly indented though. What i can say bout Mandelic is that it'll definitely make your face return to it's normal skin tone and complextion. It'll also cut down on the breakouts. I haven't had any serious zits sin
  6. I had one session of Microdermabrasion and didn't see much improvements. Doctor says it may take up to six sessions and she said after the first session, the only thing i will notice is my skin is much more smoother, which is true. I plan to go 2-3 more sessions because that is the same number of times my brother went and he and I have about the same acne except I have a tad bit more scars. I was wondering what if microdermabrasion fails? I can't go back to Mandelic Acid, that thing was
  7. Let me start off by saying within a month usage of M. Acid, the red blotchy areas are completely gone and i think it even helped on preventing breakouts. all that are left on my face are dark icepicks. I'm gonna go ahead and assume MA is the cause of my skin being a tad bit flaky/scaling. anyone else gettin this after a month of MA? is it normal? im using aloevera on it and cutting the MA use to night time only. does this mean this is a good time to apply the tape method into my ro
  8. self control, cutting your finger nails and don't look at the mirror when u dont have to may help
  9. i used aloe vera gel and it took 3-4 days to heal
  10. i feel ya on that man. assholes be saying "hey man whats that on your face?" as if i didnt knew it was there. "You should try..." shut the fuck up, i already did. "how come you have..." god hates me. these assholes actually think they're helping us. for some reason it reminds me of the time when my friend was talking to his co-worker and he couldn't concentrate and burst out laughing cuz he had severe ance. how fuck up is that. fuck, that changed my whole perceptive when talking
  11. Can M. Acid also be used if you have light acne? Do you guys use it instead of the BP in the regimen?
  12. I'm currently doing this as my regimen: Vinegar/cottonball on face C&C blackhead scrub 2% SA C&C continuous control 2% SA wait 15 min Clerasil 10% BP Also taking vitamin c pills and drinking 8 glasses of water with half a teaspoon of lemon. I see a slight positive change on my marks but leaves my face red as hell. I'm also considering the tape method. I use aloe vera as moisturizer but it smudges the BP creating noticable white swirls.
  13. My face consist of maybe only 1 or 2 reddish pimple but its covered with black spots from the past when i was poppin them. I've been on BP for 3 months or so and results vary. I'm wondering whats good for scar like black spots. Is 2% S. Acid reccomended for this situation?