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  1. i have a small but long cut on my chin from when i scratched myself, is it safe to put bp on my chin?
  2. what are you talking about? ive never had a redmark that long
  3. Okay, i have been on the CSR for 8 months, and its going well. But i only put BP on my chin, nose, cheeks (under eyes) and forehead. Now i am getting acne on my cheeks ( near my ears) where i have never put BP before. How should i approach this? i remember having this problem with my forehead, and i put bp on it got worse before it got better. should i treat my cheeks like new skin to the BP or just start putting alot on?
  4. you will wait amd wait amd wait, and be glad you did.
  5. yes, i have problems with head and shoulders when it gets on my face so i make it run down my back and now my back is smooth and no acne. do not use on face
  6. you're picking a bad time to stop, itt just starts getting better after 8 weeks. you'll regret it later!
  7. just wait, everyone goes through this problem go to the "what to expect" page on acne.org/ i don't know the exact html but it is true!
  8. here is my imput. when i leave a whitehead, it is gone the next day. when i pop one stays around for 4 more days or so and then turns into a brown spot, then a red spot. if you don't touch your skin, you'll be better off
  9. you guys didn't really answermy question you just talked about some soap
  10. i am going to try something more mild, (with more natural ingredients) on my face instead of the regimin. I am currently clear so i think i will be better in the long run if i use this more natural product. If i go off of the regemin, and the other thing doesn't work will it be alright to jump right back in; or will i need to start slowly again? Also, do i need to stop the regemin for a day, or what is the best way to slowly get out of it. Thanks! P.S. this is the new thing i am trying. htt
  11. Hi, maybe i didn't look through enough but i couldn't find much about brown spots. I have a few on my nose, and they just look wierd. any suggestions or links to another forum?