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  1. http://www.vivatowels.com/products/paper_towels.asp very very soft, easy on the face
  2. he was about to off himself 5 times in a single day. yet he wants to finish the last 10 pills so he doesn't waste it... k
  3. food, it binds on lipid for absorbtion so a lot of ppl also take omega3 with it
  4. *yawn* edit: in the interest of not scaring other poor souls. to date, there has been no reported cancer in human cause by the use of Hydroquinone. (if there are, please enlight me). the *may*, and not *caused* issue occur with rats using high dosage of Hydroquinone. Some parts of the world use 20% which is not available. Most formulation is of 2% and 4% being prescription strength. Drinking water may and will cause death... in excessive amount. Walking out to the sun may and will cause ca
  5. can't imagine spending half of your time with your face scrubbing a dirty mat be any good for acne but you do what you have to do. (pretty good incentive to improve your skill so that you are always winning and upright and not eating dirt)
  6. IU is the measurement of vitamin activity CP=quantity. if you had even click on a link of any of the resulted search at CVS.com, you can clearly see 50 softgel etc corresponding to 50CP... answer solved, a google for "what is IU" answer the other question... 2 minutes of work. You waited for a day for this reply... or go to the store, look at the different size bottles, look at the amount of pills for the same amount of vitamins and the number you would rather swallow at one setting... look a
  7. spend an hour or two searching and reading through the forum for old posts (and product rating). you would have a better understanding of the drug than the 3-8 ppl that will ultimately respond to your open ended question and their specific experiences will bare minimal resemblance to YOUR experience with the drug. (let alone the fact that ppl with bad experiences will be more compel to respond and warn you than those that are successfully treated with it to write yet aagin how they got clear wit
  8. as mentioned, tretinoin shouldn't be use with CSR or BP based treatment. You should probably look into either 1. incorporating a glycolic/lactic acid product in CSR 2. do a weekly low concentration glycolic peel. (20-30% left on for 2-3 minutes should not cause too much scaling/peeling).
  9. As mentioned, you can do some research on Accutane (isotretinoin), however , it is usually reserved as a last resort drug and while many do not suffer serious side effects, its usage should be taken very seriously with full consultation with your parents and your dermatologist. With your mom taking the holistic approach, I am not sure if she will be happy with that approach. You can and probably should ask your dermatologist for a bit more help in treating your acne. First, retin-a micro is
  10. consider that benzaclin without insurance probably cost over 120 bucks and that clindamycin is like what? 10 bucks per tube + x for BP, I would just do that. I highly doubt the effectiveness will be equal as you may lose some effectiveness because the two medication may not be entirely stable wihtout the custom formulation and fight for coexistence but when you are talking about 80+ dollar difference, I suspect that is OK for many people. I would recommend that if you do that path, order Dan's
  11. yes, stop medication in a few days when it does not lead to immediate relief. that's NOT the way to treat your acne condition... after all, if neutrogena can promise me clear skin in 3 days, so should these stupid dumbass expensive precription medication. no worry, there are literally thousands of other prescription and over the counter products for you to try and spend money on. capitalism ftw!
  12. eeer why are you doubting your derm when from your post it seem that: your acne is coming back. so obviously your derm isn't pushing this onto your perfectly clear skin so he can continue writting prescriptions... He probably saw this as the accutane course complete thus he wants you to be on a maintainance course... You don't >>>HAVE<< to, but obviously he put you on it for a reason. Accutane, while many believe it to be the miracle drug, is not always successful and seem like
  13. Question 1: a call to the office will do much more than 1000 ppl replying saying : yes, all derm should have it... Question 2: a call to the office will do much more than 1000 ppl saying yes/no regarding *THEIR* insurance policy on acne surgery or cosmetic cortison shot...
  14. product review pages and check prescription medications, note the name and google it to get a write up on the medication. For those that interests you, you can further search it here for archived opinions and also the product pages to get a general idea of where it is at. you don't become well versed because ppl tell you the information in a limited messageboard post but through lots and lots of reading and perhaps after going through a hundred or so of posts from the search you can then begin
  15. how is this URGENT?! for the US, it should be EVERY single one. elsewhere, who knows. google "accutane" read their health advisory from official sources and THEN pose questions that you may help... hell, read the sticky Accutane FAQ on this board. self help ftw?
  16. walmart/target/etc should all carry it, atleast some of them do ( i think walmart also carry the larger size). my local supermarket (albertson) has the 24 oz for like 6 bucks at the verybottom shelf (didn't see it before I bought it online) I bought a few of these online, 24 oz for 9 bucks each at http://www.medshopexpress.com/124582.html Target I know for sure has the 2 oz travel size for 1 dollar in their travel size section, you may want to try it. either way, it is good to (and I do) carry s
  17. they do, but even that, it is not that costly. (if you shop around, 40mg should cost around 350-400 bucks only but people rarely do that.) a month worth of spa facial treatment will cost nearly that and not nearly as effective. a lot of ppl spend that much money on cosmetic at boutique and department stores. However, most people here, especially people with no earning power on their own, typically shop at drugstore and think anything over 7 bucks for a cleaner is WAY overpriced. There are a
  18. the same principle why this antibacterial soap really isn't effective applies to cleansers. Bacteria population regrow rapidly, killing 99.9% of the bacteria will simply mean that the .1% will reproduce and you will be back to square one in no time. Thus, issue one may be that only a marginal amount of the teatree oil from your cleanser will actually reach down to the p.acne bacteria to kill it since a wash away cleanser has enough issues with surface bacteria already. Second, the actual amou
  19. if you go on any prescription medication and quit after 1 month due to how much it has mess up your skin, you will never find a long term treatment for acne. your condition as described isn't that bad, quit or stick with it, it is your call, but imo 1 month isn't where you start reaping the reward, it is usually the point where it is as bad as it is likely to get.
  20. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/08/22/...in1924884.shtml
  21. There are what? 10? 20? active people on this forum on their 2nd + course of accutane out of what? 6+ millions prescription written? anyway, do some search here and google for success rate based on dosage. someone else will have to explain or you can search cumulative dosage > 125mg/kg = 90% + permenant remission. (+/- whatever)
  22. I use neutrogena ultra sheer both 30 and 45. As many stated in the forum and the product rating pages, it is somewhat mattefying and is not greasy and has not cause us to break out... but of course, everyone is different so who knows. Since you did not mention any previous issues with sunblock, then I assume your concern is mainly theoretical... well... you can wonder why forever and since no one's experiences can really be representative of YOUR experience... what's the point... since whatever
  23. tazorac is a topical retinoid. (geenerally consider the strongest)
  24. I used to do that for a long while, I didn't notice any ill effect from doing so. I personally didn't like how the skin was after I dab it on with my fingers but I had no problem with it.
  25. dude, do a search for aloe vera on acne.org and you will find 1 brand consistently mentioned among generic white labels... even if they contain some type of natural fragrance, so what? ppl put tee tree oil on their face for its antiseptic qualities... one tiny drop of essential oil or other essence in a 12 oz bottle isn't gonna kill anyone (and its beneficial qualities is questionable in such an amount or whatever in most cleansers that manage to fit every somewhat beneficial items in thei