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  1. It is best to use after one month, aha+ is no joke, even though I started using it after 4 months into regimen, the aha makes my face itch real bad the first time I use it, now I just use less than a pea size everyday. Is it coconut oil you're talking about? I think it will cause breakout. I use Dan's moisturiser and it works just fine. Another alternative is Cetaphil moisturiser, I heard good raves about it.
  2. Sorry to hear what you've been going through. Some people can be rude and mean but you are better than that and you dont need to put up with them! Just focus on your own goal - battling acne! The process is tough but keep your head up high even when they say something upsetting. I mean its just makeup I don't see whats the big deal with it that your "friends" need to constantly say those uncomfortable words. Ignore them and stay fabulous!
  3. Hi, the scars you got had no other way to get rid off except extreme exfoliation. I know harsh exfoliation is no good but what I suggest is exfoliate three times a week and this will take time to heal. If your skin is good and could regenerate healthy skin fast I think this could work. There is this Japan product called Natural Aqua Gel - Cure it works by exfoliating gently and leave your skin smooth after that. You could get this on ebay or amazon. This works amazing although it tells you to us
  4. Thanks! I feel delighted to hear that my post encourages you to do well. I hope this topic would inspire others too. Thanks for your support and you soo need to try out this challenge, the result is worth it:)
  5. I am one of those who used to take oral antibiotics doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day prescribed by previous dermatologist. Then I read online and horrified about the side effects that oral antibiotics can cause something about damaging liver and stuff and this dermatologist is planning to prescribe me this for 4 months. I immediately stopped after two weeks but acne still comes. I went to the other better dermatologist and I told her especially NO oral antibiotics. This derma unlike that previous
  6. There are two things you would need to prepare, 1. clindoxyl gel 2. skinoren. Morning: clindoxyl gel apply thin film over face. Night: clindoxyl gel apply thinly on face followed by skinoren (magic tool) apply two pea size (3-D small) on face. To clear before college starts may seem challenging but hope you preserve with this method. It might take 3-4 weeks to see results.
  7. Day 21 - 3 weeks Its been another 7 days and I noticed huge difference. My skin was mostly cleared by now and my complexion never been better! The marks have slowly faded away and noctive acne now just a few spots and that's it!
  8. I wonder is because your skin tends to repair itself during your sleep. I heard that the skin would be most effectively healing itself when you sleep between 11pm to 1am. So sleeping at around 10pm one should fell into deep sleep around 11pm. Sleeping early not only does allow your skin to heal but also allows you to wake up fresh and energized in the mornings. As to why it seems to be redder in the afternoon or so, could be because of excessive touching of skin which can cause bacteria to trans
  9. 14th day - 2 weeks mark Things had gotten alot better, thereis two red mark on my forehead, few whiteheads and thats it!! There's no more new acne and the oiliness of my skin is controlled thanks to Papulex. So far so good. Cant wait for end result!
  10. I used to decline to use moisturizer as they make my skin very oily. Trust me, I used to have super duper oily skin and my face would have this shiny greasy look in mid-day. Then, I realized that my skin was flaky and scaly after I started some antibiotics cream so I decided to moisturize. I have tried lots of moisturizer and it just gives me this thick greasy look at the end of the day. Imagine skin looking greasy and scaly at the same time. Then, I use the product called Papulex oil-free cream
  11. Thanks , but one question what should I do about the hyperpigmentation though? Aloe vera is very good at treating hyper pigmentation. So using aloe vera will be like all-in-one:) I apologize for all the questions , but I looked up aloe vera and there's different types . So just organic aloe vera gel? It's hard to find one without anything added ... No prob! you could search for Fruit of The Earth aloe vera gel. It's a brand name. You can find them at Walmart.^^
  12. Thanks , but one question what should I do about the hyperpigmentation though? Aloe vera is very good at treating hyper pigmentation. So using aloe vera will be like all-in-one:)
  13. Hi there, Organic Jojoba Oil has lots of great reviews as a good moisturizer so you may give it a try. Alternatively, there are two that I think will be suitable for you. First is the fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel and second which I am currently using, Papulex Oil-free Cream. I used epiduo before back then and I used the Aloe Vera 100% gel to calm my skin. It helps with the redness and itchiness. I have never used organic jojoba oil before so I can't tell you my experience of it. Hope th
  14. 10 day Gosh can I say that it kept getting better and better. The cystic acne on my forehead is now only a small red dot and is soo unnoticeable! Glad! Ohh I think apart from no-picking, the antibiotic creams helped a lot too. There are scars left on my face and I'm trying to find ways to heal it once I finish my challenge.
  15. From the pictures, the redness may suggest that you have very sensitive skin probably from using harsh medical prescription. If your skin itch after using some products you may have sensitive skin. You can continue to use epiduo if you want and make sure to MOISTURIZE afterwards. I would suggest you use moisturizer that is for sensitive skin like Aloe Vera and should be free of parabens as well. For sensitive skin DONT use products containing perfume or artificial fragrance.