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  1. So I received the Pixel laser resurfacing almost 2 years ago (October 2012). Since then, I have not done anything to my skin, other than apply a topical lotion for rosacea that my dermatologist told me I had (Clindamycin phosphate). I have been applying this topical lotion for about 6 months already. Other than that, I probably should be following a better regimen, and so I would appreciate any advice! Currently, I plan to go in for a consultation at Dr. George Yang's office in NYC for a su
  2. Hi guys, Yes I am a white male with these acne scars. Actually, in the past I have tried Pixel laser skin-resurfacing, but only one treatment, and personally I found that my face turned extremely red as a result of it, and it did not do anything though I cannot blame the procedure since it was only one treatment and I did not use a combination of approaches such as subcision, which many of you are recommending. I was a little bit afraid of that procedure because I saw my face and I looked prett
  3. Thank you all who have responded. I will be looking into getting a combination of these services in order to improve the appearance of my acne scars. Hopefully, I can begin in October. In the meantime, I want to make sure that I am recommended to a good dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon in the New York City/Westchester area so please if anyone knows a doctor let me know. Also, if you can give an estimate of such costs I would appreciate it.
  4. Exactly, I do not understand how my dermatologist even recommended microdermabrasions, but I suspect it is because the facilities where she holds her office also had a med spa and they must have some sort of agreement. Currently, I am in the process of searching for a Dermatologist in New York, preferably in the Westchester Area that also specializes in providing these procedures or services that have been mentioned in this discussion board. Have anyone of you had experience with subcisions
  5. Thank you Garret Richard for your input. I also agree that microdermabrasion will not work for me and do not want to waste time and money on such treatments if they are that ineffective for my case. I would just like to see modest improvements so I hope to receive as much advice as possible.
  6. I have been well aware of my acne scars but do not really know what kind of acne scars they are as I try to not to think too much about it because otherwise I get increasingly depressed and I really want to avoid negative critiques. However, I think it is time to attempt to reduce them as I still have low self-confidence because of them. Can someone please help me identify what kind of acne scars I have that way I have an idea of what kind of treatment I should seek to help reduce the appearance
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