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  1. Yeah, about 4 weeks into accutane was pretty much the worst my skin had ever been in my life. But after week 5, it started to ease up a little and by the end of month 4 I was clear, so hang in there!!
  2. I had acne for almost 15 years before I went on accutane. When I finally had the courage to go on it, the results were miraculous. For 4 months, nothing, then BOOM. I was clear. For three months after my course, I was still clear. Then the acne returned... mild, at first, but after a couple of months I'm back to where I started. It's so much worse now, mentally. Like, before, I was used to it, but now I've had 4 months on the other side and it sucks, knowing how great it is to have clear sk
  3. If you want a good test, you need to wash the towel. It's through the washing and drying that the bleaching becomes revealed. Remember it can take up to 8 weeks to improve, so don't give up too fast. Maybe your skin isn't red and peeling because you have started at the right speed and mositurized well.
  4. Is it possible you started too fast? At the beginning, you should only use BP once a day, and you should only use a small amount. If you're moisturizing correctly and your skin is still unbearably dry, use less BP until your skin adapts. Remember, you shouldn't expect to see good results until about 8 weeks in. My personal opinion is that you should not give up yet.
  5. As clearly unbiased poster 'hatetane' has reminded us - Accutane is a very serious drug and it can have very serious consequences. Use as a last resort. However, I'll just add that majority of people have great results without long-lasting side effects, so if you decide your acne is seriously impairing your life, try not to let those kinds of doubts creep into your mind.
  6. Accutane was completely manageable for me. My only side effects were dry lips, hands, and face. The initial breakout wasn't horrible, but I did have one around week 3. It only lasted two weeks. Around week 6, I started to see improvement. Then on month 5 of my 5 month course, I became completely clear and have been since.
  7. Accutane is different for everyone but I will share my experience. I have tried everything under the sun for acne, and never really experienced much of an initial breakout. I got an inital breakout about 3 weeks into starting accutane. It really only lasted about 2 weeks, then I started seeing improvement. I took minocycline and used benzoyl peroxide in the months leading up, and maybe that lessened my inital breakout? But I still got one. In any case, the IB was short lived - so try not to worr
  8. I was on a terribly restrictive diet for about a year. Mainly meat and vegetables. It caused terrible anxiety for me. Social interactions tend to center around food, so they became a constant source of stress. The quality food was expensive. It was horrifically inconvenient and time consuming to prepare my own food for every meal. But upfront, I'll say my situation is different from yours, because diet is only one of my triggers. Even when I eat perfectly, stress and hormones keep my acne flarin
  9. I apologize for doing a terrible job updating this. After a few weeks, I realized it was easier to get through the treatment if I didn't think about it, so that's what I did. (To clarify - it wasn't the side effects that were stressful - it was the fear that treatment wouldn't work. Accutane was really my last shot) I have been done for two months now, so I thought I'd give some final thoughts. Side Effects: Overall, my side effects were mild and totally livable. My lips were incredibly dry, bu
  10. Hi Sarah, ryanjsfx is right - accutane effects everyone differently. I just finished month 4 and finally saw significance clearance last week. Up until that, I had very few results and no side effects except dry lips. That being said, it is very important to take accutane with fat. You don't need to drown everything in butter, there just needs to be some fat in the meal. There are lots of fatty foods that are good for you and can be weightloss friendly - nuts, avocado, olive oil, coconut o
  11. Do NOT stop the minocycline a week before your wedding. You will most likely break out, and who wants that on your wedding day? I think if you don't take minocycline on the day of your wedding, that would probably diminish unwanted alcohol interactions. I wouldn't stop before then, I would be afraid of the consequences.
  12. Is it possible you're reacting to gluten, not merely carbohydrates? Your examples (pizza, hamburger bun) have gluten, and it's a definite cause for some people. I agree with cristie - insulin could be a culprit. Also, there are some people, like myself, who see great improvement in acne when they are losing weight.
  13. Congratulations on starting your path to clearer skin! I know what it's like to be depressed over your skin. I'm 3 months in and seeing definite improvement. Good luck and Best wishes!!