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  1. Hello everyone, Recently my skin has been flaking a lot. These flakes seem to be in small clusters dispersed evenly on my cheeks and around the mouth area. Could this flaking be due to my recent change in the products Im using. For the last week or so I have been using Paula's Choice One Step Cleanser for Normal to Dry skin and 1% BHA Lotion once every second night. I have recently purchased Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Moisturiser for Dry skin and the skin balancing moisture gel. Does anyone
  2. Im currently using the Mach 3, but I am switching to the Gillette Sensor Excel. I havent tried using frozen vegetables wrapped in paper towels either. Furthermore, other than using sudocrem after shaving I havent been using anything at all to treat my acne.
  3. Hello everybody, I have recently started breaking out on the left side of my neck. Currently I have six inflammed pimpels all fair close together on the left side of my neck. The yall seem to be forming into whiteheads with some bigger than the others. I am not sure what to do about this and how to prevent this from happening again. I believe the reason for breaking out here could be due to shaving irritation. Hair only seems to grow on the left side of my neck.
  4. Hello everybody, After reading the benefits ot taking zinc and fish oil, I am very interested in trying this out. However, I am not sure on which brand is the best to buy and where the best place to buy these products is. Can anyone help me out please? Furthermore, does anyone have any recommendations on how much fish oil and zinc I should be taking? Thank you.
  5. Hello everybody, Does anyone use the Paula's choice shaving product for wet shaving? If so, would you recommend this product at all?
  6. Thank you for replying. I was just curious in other people's views of this product, as I am considering giving it a go.
  7. Anyone at all currently using this product or used htis product in the past?
  8. Hello everybody, I would be interested to find out if anyone has tried Paula's Choice Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA? If so how was/is your experience with this product? Would you recommend it at all?
  9. Seven years ago I was pescribed accutane, which cleared up my moderate acne. However, my acne returened several months after and I was pescribed accutane for a second course. Since the age of 15/16 I have tried Retin-A 0.01% Gel and the vast majority of oral anti-biotics. I did see a derm last year, but he pescribed me Retin-A 0.01% Gel and I gave this up as it did not seem to work. Since then (Im 20 years old now) I have been using a Simple facial wash cleaner, eurcerin moisturiser (which I gav
  10. Thanks for checking the thread out cowboy. I dont wont to sound an idiot, but can you give me an example of imflammatory acne and non-inflammatory acne? Its something that I have not explored and I have had acne for 7-8 years now!
  11. Thanks for all the advice. All the advice has been very helpful. Has anyone tried the Paula's choice cleansers? If so, how was/is your experience with the particular cleanser? I think I will give the 1% or 2% BHA lotion a go. Im not sure on the moisturiser, as I currently use the Simple light hydrating moisturiser, therefore this might be satisfactory, although I'll see how people rate her moisturisers and if they are that good I may give it a go.
  12. I have had acne for seven years now. Im currently 20 years old. I would say at the moment my acne is mild. I mainly break out just to the right of my chin and across my jawline. I also am prone to a few spots on my neck. Furthermore, I break out on my lower cheek. I never seem to break out on my T-Zone or head anymore anymore. The right side of my face is signifcantly worse than the left side of my face for some reason. I am almost clear on the left side of my face and have been for some time no
  13. Thanks for the helpful posts. Im very interested in the BHA products. However, Im not sure which one to go for. Which one is best suited for sensitive skin? Furthermore, does the BHA product(s) work well with Dans BP?
  14. Hello everyone, To cut a long story short. I gave the regimen a go about two years a go, but I gave up, as the BP gel dried my skin out excessively causing flaking and an uneven skin tone. Therefore I gave up. I only applied the BP at night, as I have sensitive skin. However, I feel I would like to give the regimen another go. This is because I tried Retin A 0.01% Gel, which did not really work and then I tried doing nothing (just cleansing and moiturising), but this did not do much at all. Im