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    I am a Pre-Nursing major, considering a change to a double major of Child Development and Inclusive Education (I am working on adding Child Development as a second major to Nursing). I play 9 musical instruments, I love music, I draw, mostly charcol on canvas, and I write poetry.<br /><br />I hit puberty early, at age 9. By age 11 I had mild acne, by 12 it was severe cystic acne. When I was 17 we had exhausted all other treatments and tried Accutane. It worked. Now, at nearly 20, a severe breakout is resuming my skin.<br /><br />I am a pagan, one of the ten members of the Lincoln Chapter of Pagan Life. I am pro-homosexuality, that is important to me. I am also anti-abortion and pro-gay marriage. I am not racist, I do not judge by religion. I am actually extremely open-minded, and I can see the views of both ends of an argument rather easily. <br /><br />I have been referred to as a Bohemian, or a free-spirit. I am very open-minded, very accepting, and am pretty much a typical Libertarian and Scorpio.
  1. "Friction and sweating can be associated with the development of acne or acne-like lesions. There are names for acne or acne-like lesions associated with constant friction and sweating. Fiddler’s neck is a condition affecting some violin players. Pigmentation, skin redness and inflammatory papules or pustules occur on the skin where the violin fits under the chin at the angle of the jaw and neck. Soldier’s acne describes acne or acne-like lesions occurring on areas of the skin constantly
  2. I'll be 20 in October, but like I said I hit puberty at 9, so my hormonal fluxes are a little different than most girls I know. I can't afford to see my Dermatologist right now, I was hoping for something I could do at home, but its beginning to seem more and more like I will have to go. Thanks for the response and advice
  3. I have the same problem, and a job I am applying for is in a metal warehouse with no AC, so it gets to about 115 degrees in there. If anyone has any solutions, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
  4. Most of those ingredients look like they'd be rather harsh, I actually heard of some of those combinations in my chemistry course, but I am not a chemist or a pharmacist. I also suggest Purpose, but I also suggest St. Ives Apricot. I used that for one night, and half my acne disappeared. They have a specific one for sensitive and acne prone skin.
  5. Fabric softeners actually have a chemical in them that is very poisonous to humans, only very few humans are sensitive to it. Its worse in the dryer sheets. Just by that fact alone I would imagine it is bad for the skin, and I am glad that anything I wash is not with sheeted fabric softner (I am extremely allergic to it).
  6. 40 people have looked at this, and nobody has any idea about what is happening to me?
  7. Which ones? I can't remember them all...Coppertone I believe was one of them, they were in the worst trouble because they have sunscreen for infants (Water Babies). I read the article some months ago.
  8. Acne can be genetic, and there is a high possibility of your skin following your fathers pattern. I hit puberty when I was 9, by 10 I had mild to moderate acne, by 11 it was severe acne, by 12 I was 'diagnosed' with moderate to severe cystic acne. My father had severe cystic acne into his 20s. His doctors told him to have lots of sex and dry ice his face. Lucky we have better technology now, eh? Accutane helped, but didn't fix me. I don't think acne CAN be "cured" persay, but it can be held a
  9. A little sun is good, but tanning is usually bad. Did you know that three of the major sunscreen companies are being sued right now for false advertising and selling products that don't work?
  10. Water helps with anything, especially skin. It flushes out the system and rehydrates you. If you stop drinking soda, juice, coffee, and pretty much anything but water, you can also lose a noticeable amount of weight. And last I checked, our bodies were 70% water. This is our brain fluid, in our blood, in our organs, in our skin, our eyes. Every part of us contains some water.
  11. As much as I hate doing it, I know that he needs to see my skin to figure out what is best for me, so I will even go to school without make-up if I have an appointment. I felt so ugly and self-conscious, but if I have make-up on, how will he know what my skin really looks like?
  12. Honey, pale skin with dark hair is GORGEOUS. Very porcelain doll-like, classic beauty. I would dye (pun intended!) for black hair to go with my pale skin, but unfortunately black hair looks bad on me, so I stick with either my natural blonde or a dyed red. I have an ex who has pale, pale, milk white skin with black hair and icy blue eyes. He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen, and, I hate to say it, but yes, far better looking than my soon-to-be-fiance (who has dark brown hair and natu
  13. How long did you try Bare Minerals? What it does is it heals your skin, too. For the first few weeks to a month or so it draws out impurities, which can make your face seem shiny or oily. Take an oil removing cloth, or a plain brown paper towel, and that will get rid of the shine until your skin settles with the make-up.
  14. You definitely don't need to spend $40. I don't know the name of it, but there is a face wash to help with oil and redness, but you can't use it too often. Ask your dermatologist about it. As for make-up, there are colored concealors. Any brand works. The green is for covering redness, the yellow for dark age spots and undereyes. Top it with a basic cover up and you're good to go. Seriously, the green concealor costs, like, $2.99.
  15. I have a hard time letting myself go out with people, I'm always worried people look at my face and are disgusted by it. I think my acne is worse than my weight in that respect. I've had cystic acne since I was 9, and it just kept getting worse. Accutane helped, but (as an earlier post by me talked about) it has gotten drastically worse over this past week. When I do get out I am really shy and stay back behind my friends. Some people find this appealing, but then think I am bitchy if I won't l