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  1. Yes, I would very highly recommend getting the CSR gel. It is the greatest thing in the world. I am totally clear except for a few fading scars, but still I am amazed that my skin looks so good now.
  2. You might wanna also try just using the AHA one time a day and choosing another moisturizer without AHA to use for the other time.
  3. From my experience I believe that Dan's BP is the best. I have worked with Neutrogena-On-The-Spot, Oxy, Clearasil and the Clean&Clear one. Along with being the best one that ive used, it's the only one that goes on clear as well which is ultra awesome.
  4. I'm very glad I bought Dan's cleanser, I only bought one at first but I ended ordering 2 more a few days ago. It really hasn't been irritating me and I wash for more than 10 seconds
  5. glycolic acid is an AHA as well
  6. Try not using this when u have just recently popped something. I used it a few years back and til this day i have one of those tiny beads stuck in my left cheek. You can barely tell its even there though.
  7. I believe it says that milk/dairy products cause breakouts on people with acne-prone skin.
  8. It's not the lactose converting to sugar or that junk, it's the the hormones that they are giving the cows to produce more milk than they ever had in the past.
  9. I think you can get away with organic milk. It isn't the protein or calcium in the milk, its the hormones and other stuff that they feed the cows to produce more milk than they ever did in the past. I read that these hormones may also increase the risk of cystic acne. Read more here Acne help: the dairy product connection? There are a bunch of other websites that I read this information from as well, just try googling "drinking milk causes acne"
  10. Ok, I have used the regimen for about 2.5-3 years now with very nice results. But every now and then i would get anugly breakout including a cyst or two and maybe some nodules. A few weeks back I wasn't drinking any milk and my complexion was beautiful, but without even thinking about it, a few days ago i was slugging down milk like it was going extinct. Now I have a cyst near my right temple and a nodule on my right cheek . I was reading into some studies online telling about how all the horm
  11. Aside from Dan's Gentle Cleanser,I would have to agree with Brandy and say that Purpose Gentle Cleanser, (the liquid one) is very good.
  12. Dami4n Is correct here. The only thing cleansing for a longer time is gonna do is irritate the skin. It says in the regimen instructions that when you cleanse, remember that you are just preparing your skin for the BP. No need to overdo it here. And plus, Dan wouldn't tell us to cleanse for only 10 seconds if he didn't think it was the most beneficial way to do it.
  13. When I was using purpose gel cleanser and neutrogena OTS, I basically saw new pimples everyday. But ever since I have switched to dan's gentle cleanser and BP gel I have been **spotless**
  14. As did many others, I stumbled across this site by none other than Google. The simplicity of the regimen and easily obtainable products turned me on. And, as others have previously stated, Dan does sell his own regimen products but he doesn't advertise them as the only ones that work, although since I've made the switch to his gel and cleanser, I've never had better looking skin. Dan is a hero in my book, Thanks Dan!
  15. Yes, BP gel is the best BP out there IMO. It goes on clear and doesn't seem to irritate my skin, and it also doesn't leave white streaks on my face after sweating. And another thing, I get more of a feeling that I need to moisturize without Dan's BP gel rather than with it on. It is a great product. No other BP has cleared me up and kept me clear as well as this one.