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  1. Lucky you, but I'm still worried though I'm not be as lucky as you. Do you think you would have cleared after 6 months as well? And in my case, my derm wants to extend the treatment, so should I go for it like I said I'm much much better, but still I get like 10 outbreaks or so a month but they are just small to very small pimples. But I don't want any pimples at all!
  2. I'm 5 months and 1 week into my treatment (blood tests good btw except tryglicerades 209 a little high but fine). I got much much better but not completely, so even if my derm would take me off after this month, I highly doubt he let me do another course because of too little acne left so extension is ok in this case? And what are the chances of continuing improvement after the course? Not too high huh.
  3. I been reading that Accutane clears 85% or more people after 20 weeks of use, so the ones that didn't clear at all or not completely they just need a course extension like 6+ months or is it just dermatogilist try to keep it under 6 months and the more you take the more you clear up?
  4. That's about what I have. Only when I'm in a quiet room, I hear that really quiet seashell sound. It's been almost 2 weeks and still not gone but not worse either. But yea I have also been feeling some kind of weird fluid like in my left ear when I was moving my jaw a few times. I dunno....
  5. I am exactly 4.5 months into my treatment, for like 2 weeks I had no breakouts, they got less and less, in the past few days I noticed a like 3-4 outbreaks on my face and a few on my shoulders, but they are very small little red bumps. I thought I was done, when will this stop damn it!? I only had moderately-severe acne to begin with. No cystic-type although I would see an ugly cysts like every 3 months or so.
  6. Yea there are not noticeable since most of them or all of them at least for me are under the skin. I just don't get it how come accutane is not too effective in getting rid of small stuff like that. I don't care if they stay, it's just that occassionally the inflame and turn into zits, once in a blue into a cyst!
  7. He is partially right! I had TONS of those, and a lot of those went away on tane, I'm 4 1/2 months in and yes those may still be very well there after the treatment, but since new ones won't produce anymore they will go away in time naturally. My derm said accutane is effective in everything but the smallest stuff like closed comedones (I assume those white little bumps) are the hardest to treat even for tane! Sux to have those.
  8. There is so many studies how accutane works, relapses, clearance, I'd say everybody is different, some have cumulative doses of like 200mg/kg and still not clear or relapsed! I have a friend who was on tane for only "3 months", he had to get off it from a 6 months course for some reason, and guess what 3 years went by and he still perfectly clear. It's really how lucky you get. Don't ya think?
  9. WOW! You just explained it all thanks. Yea I now only mere 7 weeks to go, would be a darn shame to stop now!
  10. WHOA!! You mean this sound may go in a while like a few weeks but I already have some ear damage? I have been in the past a headphone user for about 3-4 years, especially last year I used to listen to headphones for about 3+ hours a day sometimes but never very loud. I hardly now use headphones though. Could this be related? And yes I read less then 1% Accutane is the cause.
  11. You said you don't hear in one of your ears, what is the cause? Were you born like that, tinnutus, trauma etc.?
  12. I been on Accutane now for almost 4 1/2 months of a 6 months course. In the past 3-4 days, when I sit in a quiet room like when I go to sleep I can hear my room kinda like I hear the silence, basically a sound from my left ear although mild. I know accutane has been associated with hearing problems less then 1% or not at all, what should I do? Should I wait and see what happens? I have only 50 days to go, and those days are very important I haven't seen any outbreak in 2 something weeks, I'll be
  13. Jesus Christ you are not depressed!!!! Clinical depression is when you are sad for no reason like you wake up in the morning cry and feel your worthless, no self-esteem and no apparent cause. Do you know how I depressed was when my acne was bad, not it's a lot better and I'm happy but not too happy yet lol. So you are most likely alright. Feeling anxious and depress is completely normal when there is a reason too! My 2 cents