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  1. I started my accutane treatment (Absorica) on August 5th on 20mg/daily. I am now almost through my second month and on 40mg/daily. Next month I will get bumped up to 60mg. I have found Dr. Dan's cortibalm and aquaphor to be best for my lips. I wash my face and body with Dove beauty bar and moisturize my face with CeraVe and my body with vaseline lotion. I haven't had any drying of the skin at all yet. I'm just not oily anymore! YAY. But my lips are soooo dry. My acne calmed down a lot &&
  2. I have noticed it too. When I take a deep breath it feels as though something is sitting on my chest... It happens randomly though, it's not constant. I don't think it's anything to be worried about.
  3. I am on day 21 today, so we are almost on the same page!!
  4. Nope just find a derm that accepts your insurance and make an appt! It's just like making an appt with any other regular doctor. Do it tomorrow!
  5. You may have joined the "adult acne" clan like me, who is now on accutane after trying everything under the sun. Have you gone to your dermatologist? There are many options to treat acne...
  6. Let me start off by saying.. You are so beautiful!!! My acne looked just like that! Some cysts, along with hundreds of clogged pores and the occasional whitehead. I tried everything...and I mean everything. Face washes, pills, antibiotics, spiro...EVERYTHING. My derm diagnosed me with treatment resistant acne && finally mentioned accutane. After 3-4 months of contemplating, I finally bit the bullet and started. I am now on my third week.. and my skin looks so much better!!! My lips are
  7. I am on accutane, and am now in my third week. It is rough and you definitely have to commit. But I was spending countless $$$ on different lotions, creams, pills, you name it, I tried it...trying to get rid of my cystic acne all over my jawline, chin, mouth and cheeks (along with clogged pores EVERYWHERE, and the occasional whitehead.) My derm diagnosed me with treatment resistant acne and I made the decision to go on accutane. It took me a good 3-4 months to decide, since it is such an intense