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  1. Wow you must be so special Going against tonnes of qualified individuals' research and evidence Keep drinking milk then? What's the point of making a thread if your just going to be stubborn
  2. There's probably nutrients or something that you are getting in milk that isn't usually in your diet. That's all I can think of. Dairy causes acne for most people.
  3. Even just a vegan diet has done a lot of good to my skin, I don't even eat that healthy either. If you're having problems with a vegan diet you are doing something wrong... It's sad that people are so scepitcal, dismissive and unwilling to give it a go when it entails a tonne of benefits. I've been on a vegan diet for 6 months now and my skin is basically clear because my digestion is flawless, red marks just need to fade now... It has been proven that meat, dairy, eggs and other animal
  4. Heya, sounds like I had the same problem as you recently, could it possible be eczema caused by the products? I used E45 Itch relief cream and it work really effectively, although I don't know how you would want to incorporate this into your regimen. Apparently if you stick to the regimen, it will usually work. I stuck to it religiously for 6 months, however I was no better, the regimen isn't for absolutely everyone. I do wish you the best of luck!
  5. Soooooo I've been vegan for about 3 weeks and I believe it was the last step for me being acne free. I don't get breakouts at all, just the occasional tiny pimple that dissipaters very quickly. I have also been using E45 itch relief cram as I think the redness caused by the dermaroller was eczema and is now fading quite fast. I would recommend that anyone tries a healthy version of a vegan diet for at least 3 weeks without faliing off track as I honestly have never felt or been better, make
  6. The only think I'm worried about is that a chemical peel will make me breakout. I'm currently only using water and sunscreen ever 2 days and I barely breakout, but when I was using BP and lactic acid I use to breakout a lot.
  7. Oh I might take a look into derma stamping then, that much derma rolling though would make me extremely red, even after the 0.5mm I was red for a while. Also my scars are shallow but red.​
  8. I did 3 0.5mm rolls over 3 weeks, which was OK, I only was a little red for a few days. I then tried a 1.0mm where for the first 3 weeks my skin was peeling like crazy and was very red for a month, and over 3 months I'm still slightly red but it is fading. I think I might stick with 0.5mm.
  9. Would this be ok to do? When I did it all over my face some areas went reeeeally red for a month or so, whereas the areas where my slight scarring was wasn't too bad.
  10. So it's been exactly 5 months and 2 days, I will never go back to washing my face with soap. Still not perfect but it's by far amazing compared to what I use to have to deal with! The spots I do get occasionally are rather small. I have done 3 derma rollings in total, 2 0.5mm which was fine, and 1 1.0mm which wasn't soo fine, everything started ok but for some reason I still have red marks on the part of my face next to my nose and under the eye. Hopefully it will fade, looks like it is soo
  11. Well I did a coffee+jojobo oil exfoliate and it felt really great, got rid of a lot of dead skin and it looks good. Atm I just have red patches, very shallow acne scars and the occasional pimple on my upper/lower lip. I usually exfoliate once in a while after I shave, either with a toothbrush or coffee.
  12. Well I've managed to bruise my ballsack anyway so I guess I'll try lolz I don't really have bad acne since I've stopped using products on my face, just red marks and some very shallow scars, but since I can't really masturbate (could if I was brave enough) might as well see what happens. Day 1: my ballsack is killing me
  13. So it's been roughly 3 months since I've been doing this regimen, so I thought I'd just give a brief overview: -First few days: Skin was very oily but I had no breakouts What I wish I did: I think I should have just used water and Jojoba oil to make this stage less difficult, although if you're no going out in public for a few days I guess you could do this. I also wish I started taking zinc at this stage as it has helped me a lot. -Week 2/3: Skin was normal but I had a lot of small bre
  14. Week 12 complete, I'm getting towards the end of my log as it's only changing very slightly.
  15. Week 11 complete, not really much change, if anything it's gone a down tiny bit. I'm getting better results from this than the Acne'org regimen though.