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  1. Alright, its about 4 months post laser, and I actually don't see any improvement in the indents of my scars from it. I'm actually not sure if I will get the second laser, because some of my scars look a little worse... sorta like they are connecting. However this could be an illusion because of some red marks. There is at least one new scar thing, or maybe I just never noticed it before, but where I had two dots, they're now causing a small rolling scar-wrinkle-thing connecting them ugh.... Cas
  2. Could also be the "cure" is so ridiculously cheap that they can't make money off of it- like they can make money off of lasers. Sorta like how the subcision +suction/tca peels/needling combo is so cheap and simple and tends to be more effective than laser. Or like with cancer, they raise so much money for raising awareness and for the treatment of cancer, that one would think there would have been a cure by now. They keep pushing chemo on people while overlooking things like cannabis, diet, and
  3. Hmmmmm, I may do a day fast for tomorrow, not for my scars persay, but for other health benefits. But, although I've read it may stimulate adult stems cells before, and of course stimulates autophagy, but short term fasting stimulates the human growth hormone as well, which I didn't know about. Makes sense though. And my skin and hair look much better when I regularly do exercises that stimulate the HGH. I still am quite neutral on the belief that fasting could help already formed indented scars
  4. Lightings too different to really compare. I know personally when I take pics of my skin, the lightings the key to tell if theres improvement. Some lighting will make my skin look flawless and have no redness, especially when its cloudy outside, even in the same room. My skin looked great when I went to washington because the weathers always so gloomy, however in southern cali, because its almost always sunny, my scars tend to stick out more. Not saying its not helping, but the 2 pics arent real
  5. Well, what Factoid means by "true scarring" is PIH/PIE are not scars, but are people who have it will often say they are. They can be treated with lasers such as IPL/V-Beam Perfecta most times, because they are just discoloration. What is meant by "true scar" is an indent/loss of tissue or raised scarring, because these are incredibly stubborn to treat. So when we hear "I cured my scarring using this or that" and that person only had a discoloration issue, or even in some cases of very very shal
  6. Not saying fasting would work or not for indented scars, but I remember reading something a bit back where fasting may stimulate the body to make stem cells, at least with the immune system. But yeah I don't think the body would really bother replacing scar tissue with normal tissue especially at skin level. Its possible I guess though, I'm not one to try it out though lol. Good luck though with your experiment, just watch your weight and listen to your body
  7. I love Mark! He gives really great advice with a balanced perspective. Green pastures does have a great cod liver oil, and I'm glad that really helped! but yeah its really expensive =\ Damn, only thing I can really think of diet-wise, is maybe its too much muscle meat/ an amino imbalance? Do you drink any bone broth/take any collagen or eat any organ meats at all? If the cod liver oil helped, I probably would start adding in liver. I really don't like the taste of it, so I normally take dehyd
  8. My doctor did give me some sample size tubes of aquafor (which didn't last very long for me lol), but he had told me what to get beforehand (cetaphil and aquafor).
  9. How long did you try the diet change for, like with paleo? And have you had a food allergy or food sensitivity test done? I don't like to go into this part too much, but have you tried eating non gmo foods, or even organic? (A problem is, in the US, the organic industry does have some loopholes, so its best to go to a farmer's market or local farm and ask the farmer). Did you try a good brand of cod liver oil? Many brands actually have to add back in synthetic vitamin A and D because of processi
  10. Fraxel is just a brand name. And there's Fraxel Restore (nonablative), and Fraxel Repair (ablative fractional CO2). I had Mixto CO2 done, which is similar to repair, so I'll share my recovery experience. 1) Improvement. This is something I can't answer at the moment.My overall face had a lot of improvement, but my scars I'm not so sure. the forehead wrinkles I was starting to get are gone, and another wrinkle by my eyebrow is 50-70% gone, maybe more. My scars are a bit harder to judge, howev
  11. Its quite pointless to argue, some people will try to push people so that way they can't get hurt. They will constantly say no one will love them, and blame everyone else. They don't want to take chances. I've seen plenty of pretty women dating conventionally ugly guys. I knew a guy back in high school who had severe acne and acne scars yet ladies were still all over him most likely because he was a musician. I've seen conventionally ugly couples who still found love. I know people who met via v
  12. ^What Factoid said. If your scars are super shallow it may help, and it may help with tone/ overall face, but it wont help much with actual true indents. It gives you microswelling which may give the false impression that its doing more. I tried the PMD for a couple months before, did nothing for my scars but made my overall skin look a bit nicer. Subcision and TCA cross would yield better results, but of course everyone's skin will react differently to treatments
  13. Yeah my skin used to never scar too no matter if I picked or popped. To be honest I suspect all the topicals my old derm prescribed me ended up weakening my skin, drying it out and made my skin more susceptible to scarring. Every zit, cyst, pimple, whitehead would cause a scar, even a couple blackheads did. I was on antibiotics too, but I don't think that'd cause scarring. Of course there's no way to prove thats what caused my skin to scar, especially because I started breaking pretty bad and th
  14. I would tell my past self to "keep going as you are, there's important lessons to be learned in this that you'll only understand by going through this." or I'd just hide from my past self in fear of changing the past somehow lol. As much as I would like to have changed my past and tell my earlier self as to the cause of what my acne was (food allergies) and avoid having these scars that cause me insecurities... I would have missed out on so many important and great things. As much as I hate my
  15. I used to never really notice much about acne unless it was bad. And though it would have possibly affected me dating them back in high school maybe, if it was bad, I literally don't care anymore especially since I had to go through really bad acne myself in my earlyish twenties lol. But I don't really know how much it would've affected me as a teen, I knew two guys who had pretty bad acne and scarring, but I didn't really care too much from what I remember because they were pretty good musician