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  1. Has anyone tried this laser before?
  2. lucia


    Thank You Stefany
  3. lucia


    I don't know how to make it into a link!
  4. lucia


    http://www.raztore.com What do you guys think? *edited by OursFan to fix broken link*
  5. You can do it Jerry, I wish all the luck in the world O:)
  6. Congratulations Jerry =D> , am a girl and i don't think i can stop masturbating for a day let alone a week!
  7. Do any of you break out when you get one?
  8. Has anyone heard of it? A facialist told me that this could improve my scarring, but i never heard of this treatment before. If anyone has any info it will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Does anyone recommend them? Will my skin break out?
  10. I bought it and didn't do anything for my skin, like Elicina it was just a waste of money.