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  1. hey... now i had clogged pores before and i used retin a which made me break out so much more and then i did some levulan treatments and it cleared me up... now guess what... i have clogged pores once again... and my derm is recommending differin for it...what do u think... he says use differin in conjunction wit benzaclyn and it should help me... i dont want to go through that whole process again where my skin gets worse after i use this product... what do u guys think...maybe i should just liv
  2. hey i was wondering if this will worsen my acne if i take it... to begin with i mean...and how long u think before results...any info on b5 appreciated... this is a disease... y do so many of us suffer from it... frustration... ne way sorry... get back.
  3. does this cause permanent remission of acne... i heard of it but i dunno what to believe anymore...so much stuff... somebody help.. thnks. like when it comes back will it stay... and r there anybody who took it twice and its stayed away? thnks again
  4. hey i just wondered if it did... i heard people and they say if u take accutane a second time theres some chance of permanent remission...any help...it seems like accutane is my destiny...i did it before for my back...now two years later my face has broken out really bad...really depressed... and its summer.
  5. stop tripping man... u look fine... seriously dont get down on urself...ask these other people and they will tell u tha same...u look normal.
  6. hey have an appointent for this next week... just wondering what u guys think and for those who have done it what were ur results like and did u see any difference after 1 treatment...i had 5 done like end of last yr... and it helped my forehead but now my cheeks breakin out so im back on it and wanted to see others experiences... how was ur reaction to it and how long did it take to get better... also should i get microdermabrasion done like i did before or is it a waste of money and just getti
  7. says it will reduce visibility of clogged pores ... will it fade my red marks ... any body please help. thanks.
  8. is it normal for my whiteheads to dry up ... i want to get clear in like two three weeks... is this possible at all... theres a bday coming.
  9. hey... just started using csr and at tha present see 4 new whiteheads emerge...is this normal and has anybody else gone through this at tha beginning. thnks.
  10. hey i dont want to pay shipping... its way too much... i have looked but havent been able to find any cleansing bars so i can shave with it...anybody live in surrey british columbia or bc and know of a place where they have cleansing bars. thats canada folks. thanks.
  11. hey anybody know of a solid, moisturizer with that aha in it to help reduce red marks, and i heard clogged pores as well.... can u please suggest some for me to buy and is it ok to use this moisturizer with tha regimem... any side effects?? thanks everybody. tha search.
  12. hey everybody... can u guys let me know about ur experiences with this... i want to take out these clogged pores and maybe some pimples if it works for those too... any explanation on what this stuff does and if it has helped would be much appreciated... thanks, tha seaarch.
  13. where can u buy aveeno in canadian stores... i looked at like three pharmacy's already... anybody? im in van city.
  14. i bought it for 320 bucks at a local skin center... and it doesnt even turn on ne more...i used it like for 30-40 zaps and umm it didnt do anything really...maybe helped a couple pimples but it just made it redder...i think stievamycin mild cream may be better... it helped me out way more on those pimples...just my opinion... by all means go for it... remember to keep searching. tha search.