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  1. bacne does suck. what you should do is if some of your classmates in gym are your friends you should talk to them about it. i did and found out that alot of my friends had bacne too i just never noticed cuz who really pays attention to another persons back while they are having fun. plus nobody would laugh at your or scold you that would be like laughing at a kid cuz he has a terminal disease though not as serious as that. also looking on into the future 10, 15, or 20 years from now how many of
  2. so i know now it works on the acne part but i heard someone saying that it also works on the red spots and dark spots acne leaves behind. i have alot of these on my chest and back. dark on my back and red on my chest. they appear as if they should go away after a while but they have been there for like 2 months now. does the acidity of the vinegar like makes these spots go away or am i stuck with them forever.
  3. my doctor game me this stuff for all my acne need and its has a pack of powder in it should i add this to the bp gel or not im not shure what to do.
  4. i got this stuff from my doctor and i have no idea how to use it the instructions are confusing. it has a cream and a little bottle of powder for i have no idea what. can anybody help me?
  5. how is this applied im currently about to use cotton pads and such and do i leave it on for a while and then wash it off? plus how do you keep yourself from smelling like salty garbage lol?
  6. i heard that some of the acne treatment out there actually start to make it worse cuz its pushing all the crud out then it stays away but thats just what i heard.
  7. [attachmentid=4891]ok so would maybe tanning and the peeling of the skin afterwards reduce appearance of scars and stuff. also any houshold matereials that will reduce scars or prevent acne and suff. and about how long does this last i dont thinki could deal with htis my whole life. here is a pic of generally what im dealing with subject to getting worse the scars dont show up well but all on the upper back area. IMAGE03.BMP IMAGE03.BMP
  8. how do youpost pics. i havent taken any yet but will just so i can compare to everyone else lol.
  9. ok so i have occasional bacne and it has made all these dark spots on my upper back and neck area. i really dont ever swim or even take my shirt off anymore in front of other ppl. is it possible to make these dark spots dissapear or at least lessen in appearance.