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  1. Please seek some councelling, it can help more than you might realize right now. Just because you are suffering on the outside doesn't mean you have to suffer so much on the inside. Be kind to yourself, and take care of your mental health too. I would recommend NOT trying to do any "scar correction" until you are in a more stable place mentally. Many times, scar treatments don't work and sometimes even make things worse and the extra stress is the last thing you need right now. When you say
  2. try Wobenzym, like 10-20 a day (it's completely safe). There is some research to suggest it can break up scar tissue from the inside. Will work best the sooner you take it after the injury happens (it looks only 1-2 months old?). That and copper peptides, just on the area.
  3. with a higher dose you will get more peeling... better if your purpose for using it is scar treatment. Steivamycin is almost like a chemical peel if you can afford to stay home for a week or so while your skin crusts over. But underneath will be new baby skin when it falls off. Thats what happened when i used it 10 years ago, anyways.
  4. big dent? sounds like the derm injected WAY TOO MUCH cortisone. When that happens, it can cause skin thinning.
  5. Unknownmale, check with a doctor what type of scarring you have b4 you do cross, bc from what I understand it is for "icepicks" and from the photos I would say you have "rolling".
  6. I agree with zombie. It looks to me like your scars are rolling, and clearly defined. You could probably get a result with isolagen that you would be very happy wiht.
  7. I don't think there is such a thing as 200% lol? You can't get stronger than full strength. Then again, I don't know anything about tca peel...
  8. Hi Asher, To answer your questions: Yes, I take the enzymes at the first sign of a pimple forming. For me they start out really big and way under the skin, and usually stay there. They never really come to the surface for me, I think I have always had the cystic type of acne. So for me it is inflammed as soon as I notice it, really. I take it as soon as I notice it. If yours start out small then taking it as soon as you notice it should help to prevent it from getting as inflammed/big com
  9. Ya well the same exact areas that were red before are red after. Shouldn't some new areas and spots be red too? I would assume there would be at least one area where an older scar that was not red "before", was treated, and red "after"? The areas look red in the "before" photos due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It's the same "raw reddness" you see in the after photos.
  10. ok I am so jealous you had isolagen. I wish it was available the time I had my nightmare expeience with artecoll.. Where did you have it performed. Beautiful, amazing results!!! You must feel free! FREE! You lucky thing he even gave you filler for your laugh lines. BONUS. Most doctors are like "oh we are only treatng the acne scarring right now", "you can make a separate appointment for that" lol. OK I am attaching the photos with the area circled. Inside the circles you see this bloo
  11. Regarding "They aren't minutes apart. She would have frost marks still and be bright red on her entire cheek if they were minutes apart. Have you ever crossed? She said they were taken ten days apart, not ten weeks. They do indeed look as if they were taken ten days apart." Uhh I meant that the procedure was not even done between the "before" and "after" photos. If you can't see the freshly popped pimple in the before and afters, you need to look closer. And yes, the fine hairs in the si
  12. Vinegar is an acid which will irritate your skin. It is supposedly an AHA, and with AHA's you are supposed to make sure to wear sunscreen when you are out in the sun. Also, if you have just "burned" a top layer of skin off you probably don't want to go make good friends with the sun right after that.
  13. I'm no expert, but I disagree. I would say they are rolling scars or Atrophic, not icepick. Plus, his look a lot like mine did when they were at my worst, and fillers did wonders for me.
  14. You say people stare. Ya maybe sometimes people notice it, but I bet most of the time they are thinking you're a good looking kid. I know what you mean about the car windows thing, funny. Like when you're getting into the car. I remember when mine were that bad I would freak out about it too, so I do sympathize with you. Now I just notice it more than any other time in the windows, but its a lot better than it was before. so I don't get as upset about it. Getting them this smooth compa