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  1. I never said there are no real friends. I said lots of people on these boards don't have one real, close friend. I even posted a thread with a news story claiming this as well. Calling you isn't the same as being with her.
  2. When? With what? There are peaceful ways, too. Your friend probably just didn't put much thought into it and took a bunch of pills without knowing what the side effects would be.
  3. Play both of them. Life's too short to settle down.
  4. I heard Russia is a really shitty place to live. Either you're poor or real rich. No middle-class.
  5. Absolutely not. Great job. Maybe she'll deveop acne from all the stress too.
  6. "Where are you kids?" "Kids? What kids?" "Um, Johnny and Holly" "Oh, they developed ac... whoa, look at the time!" :rushes to the dump to get rid of the evidence:
  7. A person on trial for theft got himself into more trouble when he stole from the judge during his court hearing. A policewoman said that while facing her at the bench, the man pocketed a bunch of keys from the judge, who did not notice until he had left the room. When confronted by court officials in the toilet, the man, who had a string of convictions for theft, told them he had been shocked to discover the keys in his pocket. "He told them he realised how suspicious his story would sound an
  8. The chances of attaining celebrity status is like 1 in a million - with clear skin. Acne plagued or scarred: 1 in 100 million. Keep dreaming.
  9. Not true. I hear cries of lonliness all the time on this forum. Many here don't have REAL friends, and don't get along with their parents/relatives. Friends come and go, and aren't always around. You can be in a room full of all your "friends," but still feel lonely. Plus, the older you get, the harder it is to form strong friendships. Those are called acquaintances and hardly constitute a friendship. Everyone will have at least one acquaintance in their lifetime. It doesn't guarante