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  1. if ur still on accutane might not be too good of an idea, just make sure it doesnt contain 100% of vitamin A, might make side effects worse
  2. I dont think its the accutane, the connection is unproven basically they try to use statistics in a bad way its probably not the accutane causing depression its probably just the acne, just wait till the accutane kicks in and you will feel 100 times better
  3. im 22 skins gotten worse after 2 yrs, id says definitely take it i only wish i did it sooner im gonna start soon too
  4. i see uve done great but arent returning =) only time that I wish never to see somebody lol
  5. i am planning to go to the doctor but ill take a week or two to get in his/her schedule just wanted some advice so i might get a heads up on what it might be
  6. Ive noticed that after eating a meal everytime my urine seemed weird i started to see that in a clear container it was yellow but very cloudy this is only after eating meals what could be wrong is my kindey damaged??? Also when i havent eaten anything its normal color light yellow only after eating is it like this
  7. thanks what you have seems to be like wat i might have, theres certain days where my skin would be normal oily but then there are days where its just a pool of oil. Aside from that the oil on the skin would fluctuate wildly sometimes puddles sometimes just enough so the skin feels smooth and ive noticed my breakouts were the same like i said b4 it would range from 1 cyst every 2 weeks or 5 cysts in less than a week and pretty much anything inbetween. for the past couple days ive tried eating few
  8. definitely a cyst or nodule. i get those all the time but yours might be a sebaceous cyst that may need operating on could ask derm for a cortisone shot to try to deflate it a bit
  9. I have a question ive been having bad acne sometimes i may go 1-2 weeks w/o breaking out, sometimes i may breakout as bad as 2-3 times a week. How long after doin an IR diet did you notice results??? I just had a really big meal last week and had a very bad breakout just days after and this might be my cause for acne. Since ive kept records of how often i would breakout (the date and severity) i could never could find a pattern, come to think about it i think it might stem from my eating habits.
  10. yea ive have that kind of problem b4 but mine doesnt scar like that though, Im usually left with the right amount of tissue what you have is a hypertrophic scar. What happens is when the are is clotting it somehow doesnt kno when to stop. Ask you derm for what he can do for you there probably chemical peels? i dont think you can you cryosurgery on that though
  11. after going off BP the red marks definitely went away faster, while using BP those red spots kept having layers of skin peel and they would just never go away. I tend to get mostly cystic acne but even for whiteheads BP only worsened the problem. Just a few weeks ago i had a simple little whitehead and i put BP on it and in 2 days it started to turn into 4 cysts. Also, even w/o BP the skin around a cyst or whitehead already starts to peel w/o any help from BP i guess thats y BP worsens my skin s
  12. if you can you can try to find that green goo they use at barbershops they should be specially formulated to prevent rusting and what not, if you go with the bleach you only really need it to soak for 30 seconds. Bleach is very effective a killing bacteria that y your body uses the main ingredient in bleach to kill bacteria in your body
  13. during certain times they believed that sex caused acne theyd put a ring around your penis that had spikes on it so you wouldnt want to have erections for girls theyd use chastity belts either that or theyd call the priest on you or something
  14. just like spatan humidity improves my skin ten i rarely break out during summer its the dry cold air that screws me up
  15. what wynne said if you can stand w/o a moisturizer than dont use it if moisturizers break you out, but if your skins red and peeling then definitely use a moisturizer
  16. sorry then lameness i hearby announce today lameness day queen of smileys with baseballs in their mouths and wookies
  17. hey hes nervous, i only get like that with girls i actually like which was 6 out of like 30 girls, the other girls i treated pretty badly though. But wouldnt you be like that with a gorgeous busty blond that has every guy staring at her
  18. i wish my parents were more like that, last time i saw my momma she said wow you should really get that looked at by a doctor it looks like its infectious or something (i have a bunch of red marks) even though i was only there a week i heard it 20 times. When i asked if she would pay for a better insurance or pay for accutane she just said "uhhhhhhhhh maybe itll work itself out you kno whats 2 yrs worth of redmarks, nothing right"
  19. well out of those 6 or so girls theres only 2 that i truly like the others were i liked but personality wise it didnt work out so well just really attracted to, well are you 2 in the same major? That nervousness is a good sign, im like you i dont flat out ask girls out it takes me time. Best way to get both you and her comfortable with each other is to take a class together, find out from a friend of hers, add her to facebook. If you really like her enough then do that, you can do assignments t
  20. HAHAHA well it was probably cause she was 3 years older than me shes 24 turning 25 and a junior just like me well senior in a month dude dont be an idiot like me what your going through ive been through that with 6 girls so far, and its always the girl who flat out tries to get your attention or the shy ones that try to get your attention but you kinda ignored that you fall deeply in love with, in college you go through those feelings so quickly
  21. If your getting really really nervous then cover that up, drink so much coffee(or beer)with so much sugar you cant help but not feel anything other than jittery and youll forget about being nervous. Something else you could do is the pain approach burn yourself with a cigarette youll wont worry about being nervous and if anything you can play the pity card and show her you burned yourself girls love caring for others in physical pain. Easiest thing would be dinner or if you can do the stalker th
  22. Awww i think lameness is just jealous of femme and wanted some attention too. Anyways i dont see that baseball in that smileys mouth P.S. i dont think theyre making a playboy's girls of acne.org anytime soon though so no need to fight thanks dog, youre right it has nothing at all to do with me trying to determine whether or not I knew how to navigate the site correctly
  23. yea it could still be damage, takes about a month of a full cycle of skin renewal http://www.acneguide.com/acus_skin_care/moisturizers.html all you probably do with the moisturizer is stop the top layer from looking like its flaky, but it actually takes a month b4 your top layer of skin is actually intact and forms a good barrier from water loss. If you just finish washing your face and dont apply moisturizer and wait 10-20 minutes or so and your skin looks flaky then your top layer of skin is s
  24. Yea proactiv alone is pretty brutal to your skin and accutane makes your skin even more sensitive than before, those two combine and i dont think youll have much of any skin left