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  1. I had a cyst on my chin whilst on ro-acc and it were there for weeks maybe even months I left it well alone and when it finally deceided to depart it didnt leave no traces behind. I suggest you do the same
  2. I read about this in a magazine today. I thought i'd have a nose to see if anyone on here has/had used it, to see if it was worth a try. Keep up the progress log, I hope it works out well for you
  3. More or maybe less sleep.. Cuz either can make your eyes look tired. Get your iron levels checked. Take a look at your diet and excercise routine. Make-up wise.... No.7 light reflecting stick works for me when i have dark circles
  4. Thought id drop a post about a product im using which has cleared up my complxion 100% It don't come with gimmics, has no relation to acne what so ever but is the best product to assist with clearing up your skin IMO It's called Liz Earle. It can only be purchased from the Liz Earle shops (which are few and far between) or the internet (QVC)-or other sites possibly. Ive been using this product for 9months and i couldnt go without it now. It leaves your skin felling totally refreshed and bal
  5. When i was away in the sun in Aug my skin(scars) looked fantastic. I didn't go as brown as i normally would tho, due to ro-accutane
  6. I had a whispy fridge cut a few months back, And i luv it. It's caused me no problems what so ever. I use styling wax, which i recomend. No hairsprays or shite like that thou. Rach
  7. I swear, these posts do my head in! Fair enough, take care of your diet and if you do find any particular type of food that affects you, then avoid it. But, keep OBBSESSING about everything is no way to live. Its plain and simple there aint "food that causes acne" everything you read contradits eachother. Im not being funny but i think people should pay more attention to the way there living there lives and get on with improving there selfesteam,confidence etc. Rather than spending all there
  8. When i took Ro-acc my face was really red to begin, Until i changed to Simple products which are extremly gentle on the skin which helped. I ended up washing with just water towards the end tho which worked better, as there was nothing at all to irratate my skin then. Well.. until i started laughing n i burnt up. You'll be fine though, its not too bad. take care n best of luck
  9. Personally i reckon sauna's help deffo, Just gotto be pre-pared for a breakout first. Bad before better kinda thing. Nice hot sauna then a swim after will do ya wonders
  10. Hey to all, Its been a while but figured id come and update,Pass some info on that might help out even... As seen from my accutane log ,it wern't rosey! But i can now say in some respects i'm better off for taking it. As it stands now my face is 80% better!!, Just few scars on my cheeks to sort now....But the product im using at the moment is playin a big part helpin with that1... LIZ EARLE it's called and you can only buy it off QVC http://www.qvcuk.com/ukgasp/frameset.asp?n...tDesc=liz+e
  11. June... Dolly, Hunny ! Your a star ! x .. Tar for that. Nicky... No probs, Seems my descripion was very Simple considering what ive just read from that link! Pritty deep stuff :-s , Worth looking into still i guess.. See whats what.
  12. I kno yeh.. I'd never touch that shit agen, Aint worth riskin my health. Sorry to hear that tho Prox, Lets hope it clears everything up for you,n makes it worth while ay. Take care wont cha .