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  1. I've not had red eyes but I was recommended to use artificial eye drops with Hydromellous from my derm.
  2. i spoke to a doc this morning who is happy to arrange with a derm to prescribe me accutane after years of oxytetracycline which i can no longer take because i started suffering from tinnitus. i quizzed her about cortisone shots and the reply was that they are only administered to areas of inactive acne liaisons that have been under the skin for some time. to me this contradicts the treatment people seem to get in the US, ie as soon as they get lump/cyst it's off to the derm. even if we could se
  3. well that seems to be the logical answer: if you happen to have an appointment with a derm then they should be able to accommodate otherwise you are stuffed unless you pay to go private because we don't have a health service that operates at the point of need. all i do is pick away at them and cane it with 5% BP gel for a few weeks.
  4. what are peoples opinion of taking a whey protein supplement whilst on accutane? these supplements usually have amino acids and other stuff in, but i can't imagine it taxing the liver as much as alcohol.
  5. i've been wanting to know this for months as well be can't get an answer. as you say, derms aren't readily available to just drop in at a moments notice in the UK, unless you have private health care. my GP knew nothing of it and was surprised people with acne are being injected with a steroid. i've not read a post yet from someone in the UK thats had injections so i doubt if the procedure even exists. i'm going to see a nurse at a dermatology clinic next week so i will ask then.
  6. I think i started the same time as you and stopped after 3 months. my experience was the biggest waste of time and money as well. all i got was diarrhoea and fatigue. the last month was horrendous, battling blackheads, pustules and cysts on a daily basis. There may have been some reduction in oil but my skin was never dry as i was expecting. I'm going back to prescription antibiotics and including differin gel into my regime. if i'm still getting painful cysts in 3 months time i will attempt to
  7. I use Linwoods which are the actual seeds and superior to oil and capsules. you can mix them in with your cereal and yogurts and stuff. It's £5 a pack in my local health shop and lasts ages. have a shop around.
  8. ok, cheers. i'll give that a look. i've only used Differin for a couple of days so far. i'll think i will wait and see if i get any results with that first before adding more things into the regime. i've found a moisturizer by Anthony - Glycerine Hand and Body Lotion which i don't think is really for the face. I just hope that Differin does something for me - like dries out my skin!
  9. no one out there uses moisturizer with differin gel?
  10. everything you have said sums up my experience as well. i've been on it for nearly 3 months and the last 3 weeks have been the worst yet with no signs of the oil reducing let along dry skin which many claim. i've partly used Vilantae and there is some suggestion thats not the one to go for. if you look at some of the posts by member Craigy (who has used B5 for years) he has a theory that a Biotin deficiency helps achieving dry skin. Vilantae contains biotin and other b complexes so maybe it's wo
  11. I'm just about to start a course of Differin and am wondering if anyone is using moisturizer and maybe even one that contains glycerine as mentioned above by labgirl. A couple of questions: 1. what brands do people use? 2. i have differin gel to be applied at night, do i then wash my face in the morning and then apply moisturizer? Thanks.
  12. and is anyone using one that contains glycerine as mentioned by labgirl in the sticky? and when is the best time to apply it? i have differin gel to be applied at night, do i then wash my face in the morning and then apply moisturizer? Thanks. LabGirl81: An initial breakout can be controlled by using a topical or oral antibiotic in the first 12 weeks of treatment. After that you shouln't need as much bacterial control, since the pores aren't easily blocked and most of the comedoes will have re
  13. lol awesome. well there ain't many of those type of shops about in the English countryside. i do get the powder from ebay. i've now read that 1 teaspoon is 5ml which = 5 grams. that would mean i'm taking 20+ which i know i'm not. the tub is 300g for 30 days supply and there was still a weeks worth left after a month so i've been taking under 10 grams. i'll try and sort something out.
  14. do you know a good way of measuring out 10 grams of powder? the kitchen scales i've got won't go that low. I have read that 1 teaspoon is 3 grams but i'm not so sure, i don't know how heaped that would be. i think 1 teaspoon is 2.5 grams so i'm taking 4 a day.
  15. Oh, thats the first time i've heard this! i'll give it a try. thanks.