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  1. Its been a little over 3 weeks since I stopped using the BP, and I can honestly say my skin has improved 100%. No more redness, no more clogged pores, no more spots, no more dry skin, no more bleached hair, no more oil, no more wasting time and washing twice a day, no more etc. Im just washing with cetaphil cleanser, and thats it. Once a day, sometimes twice if I have the energy at night to do it again. I was on the regimen for almost a year, it started to work, then stopped. I suffered fr
  2. Umm.. why would it help with moderate acne, but not mild acne when mild is less severe than moderate?? About 5 people answered this question above.
  3. I've had mild acne, really mild like how you described. CSR did not help. I believe it works best for moderate acne. (although people like to call their moderate acne "mild", to feel better I suppose). So don't be confused by that. You won't know unless you tried it, but for me I got acne in places I never had it after using the CSR, which I contribute directly to treating my whole face with BP. So be careful in that area.
  4. 3 months seem to be the general opinion of how long to give the CSR to work. Problem is, most people, myself included, have been on the CSR for well over 3 months. Almost a year in my case. How much longer should we continue to use something that obviously isn't working for us? Just keep hoping one day it will magically start working? The CSR either works for you, or it doesn't, and eventually something new has to be tried if it isn't giving the results we expect.
  5. Add me to the list of people who had mild acne before the BP, and have only gotten worse because of it. Negative 1 person. Plus 1 person here. Back to zero.
  6. I've found that SA suits my skin better. So it's not like I quit the BP and am doing nothing with my skin. Thanks for the responses.
  7. I stopped using the BP, don't need it anymore. My question is, will the dryness that was caused from the BP eventually subside, and how long does this usually take?
  8. This is easy for you to say, considering: 1. It's YOUR regimen. (What I mean by this is it works for you) 2. You did take accutane, correct? And even if that didn't fully work on you, if I'm not mistaken, you currently only have acne on your lower face (chin area) Personally, my chin was my biggest problem area. I can honestly say it is now flawless. Absolutely perfect. The rest of my face? Not so much. It's a horrible mess of clogged pores and red skin. That being said, I can argue tha
  9. Cause you probably don't swim in the stuff like most people here do.
  10. Well holy shit, good for you. That truly solves all my problems. Thanks for that informative input.
  11. ^ Hey don't worry Iron Fist, you sound like an English speaking master compared to T*J
  12. 22?? Well then that's just sad a grown man has to even ask a question like this.
  13. Add me to the list of people who had mild acne before the BP, and have only gotten worse because of it. Negative 1 person.