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  1. Hi Ashley , are u taking silicea

  2. Hi. I know this post is extremely old but I’m wondering if anyone else tried taking Silicea for indented scarring and saw results?
  3. Hi guys! So I have a very thick layer of dead skin buildup on my face. I suspect it’s Seb Derm but I don’t have any of the other symptoms: Redness, oiliness, flakes. My dead skin layer is more of a sticky layer. I have tried the caveman regime and the dead skin was so thick and gross, I eventually gave up and rubbed it off. I can see the dead skin the most when my face is wet or once I get out the shower, it’s a white layer over my face that can be rubbed off with the slightest touch. No matt
  4. Hi jdm1568, How is your progress going so far? Also, are you on a low dose of accutane? If so, how much? I’m thinking of going on 10 mg/day just to see if my body can handle the side effects of the treatment. Currently I’m on Retin-A and my skin is not handling it well, and all these horror stories I’m reading online makes me want to stop the treatment before it gives me permanent damage.
  5. Hi, I really need some insight about Retin-A (Micro .04%) as I’m just beginning my treatment. For some background information: I never had acne. I went for a chemical peel for minor discoloration and it completely changed my skin texture. My skin is very bumpy and the texture is so bad. It has now been six months since the peel, and my skin texture is still not restored. I have tried to baby my skin but it is not working. I also tried Differin (.03%) for three months but it just pee
  6. So I got on Differin because of my clogged pores, and three months into the treatment, my skin was 100% clear. No clogs, no pimples, no bumps. All I had left was the scarring caused during the initial purging process from the Differin. To speed up the scar reduction process, I decided to get a ViPeel. I had never gotten a peel before, and my peel options were limited because I have tan/brown skin (indian decent) so the Vi peel seemed like a good option. A week after the procedure, when the