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  1. I think I do in a way. I mean I know I'm not UGLY but I ain't pretty anymore because my face is scarred I think if the acne didn't scar me I would feel better about myself. At least a little if not a whole lot. Although girls have told me time and time again that I'm very attractive, I think I would be without acne or at least without scarring, both with be ideal of course. Sometimes I'd like to think I'm just tricking myself but how can you when people say things about you if only one person s
  2. wow that's expensive but thanks for the heads up! does it work on acne though have you tried it? is it good at all for acne?
  3. I think it's a combination of a lot of things. I always have thought about this same exact question. I think part of it is money, part of it is the medical field doesn't see it as a bad thing, another part is they see accutane as the ultimate solution and in general there are so many reasons supposedly that cause it. However if you go to a dermatologist they'll usually say it's hormones and not your fault, which in all honestly is a lie in itself to some people. But all in all it comes down to t
  4. for some of us maybe. but I can definitely say mines aren't because when I have NO acne and I'm fully clear some girl told my friend "he" meaning me is actually not bad looking if he didn't have acne and at that time I didn't have acne so that she was obviously referring to my scars. And a little girl said I had a lot of acne also that was when I didn't so it must have been the scars. And in general people tell me I have bad scars.
  5. I've been there done that. I'm still dealing with it. Trust me my acne scars are so bad there is NOTHING to do about it well not at this point anyway. I can tell you I don't have it easy many people have told me what HAPPENED TO YOUR face many times. And I never know how to respond. My dad doesn't help me only telling me it's getting better when I tell him it's not I tell him I need some form of surgery or something and he just shoots it down my mom doesn't believe there is anything at this poin
  6. so should I get the gel or cream? and is the .05% good enough?
  7. so does apeel anything work?
  8. I think what we need is for people to do some actual research and see it as more than scars. First off does anyone know what field people would be in that research acne scars? Dermatologist? Scientist? Anyone know the name of the researchers that would research on acne scars? Anyway people only see it as you have acne scars, they fail to see it's not purely cosmetic as their is impact when someone has acne scars I mean if they didn't why aren't people with acne scars famous stars on television
  9. that is just really sad. I guess I might just be stuck with my scars for life. Sadly enough.
  10. okay I just got the gel. I used to use the cream. but BOTH strengths are .05% sooo... my question is should the strength be higher or even though it's only .05% as long as it's the gel version it's good enough?
  11. woot woot go dee! even though I don't know you lol. I wanted to report this auto shop to the better business bereau but that website seems so hard to report people though like I was filling things out and it seemed to be so troublesome to find the places not to mention I didn't remember the address but I knew it wasn't the place I wanted and I wasn't able to input my own blah. Alas I didn't do anything. but thank god you are! I hate these people they are definitely playing in on our misery. Sca
  12. FINALLY we get to see how they truly are sigh. Will anyone every discover a cure? I need some scar cure...now. But least we got to see how REAL these people are least they aren't faking it. I guess that much is a good thing?
  13. I think this is the one that was talked about recently I can't remember the topic. It seems to be the same thing. Which means isn't it more for people with aging skin more than anything or is there something that I missed?
  14. For the don't drink with meals thing, is it like you have to wait a certain number of hours between drinking and eating or just not at the same time like if you do it separately before or after it's still fine?
  15. Wasn't there a topic on stem cell treatment not too long ago. Is this the same or is this a new treatment? I hope it works for severe acne scarring and redmarks cuz I have a lot.