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  1. ZXC, My son was on accutane and it did not prevent his scarring. He has cystic acne though and I don't think any product would have or will help keep him from scarring. He just has to wait it out and then have scar revision done. Linny
  2. Superbhoy80, I have read in this forum that wet is better. One guy had a large portion of his face done and didn't seem to have any ill effects, but keep reading and asking questions of the people who have had needling done. Everyone is different with the same proceedure. Maybe it is the individual skin type that dictates this to be so. Linny
  3. oldguy, Thank you for your quick reply. Remodeling the house so I am just returning to check messages. May I ask another question? I have seen pictures of tattoos after they have been removed and they appear to be raised. Are they raised, if so, is it due to damage or the ink? Someone mentioned that you will never scar with tattooing if done correctly. Is this true? I guess your answer will depend on your having a tattoo or two. Thank You, Linny
  4. Try cleansing your face with rosewater. It moisturizes too! It helped my son stop breaking out. He had/has cystic acne.
  5. oldguy, I am under the impression that you needled the whole area. Mind you, I am talking about alot of scarring with not much good skin in between. I thought I read on this board that this created a smooth texture to the whole face as opposed to spot needling. I guess they thought it would leave ridges. Please, your expert advice would be appreciated!! Linny
  6. Hello nodoubt, I heard about rose water as a moisturizer from my friend who went to an all day spa. I picked up a bottle at the health food store called Oshadhi Floral Water Bulgarian Rose. It is $20.00 a bottle, however some other brands are available at a lower cost. My son started using it and he stopped breaking out and it kept his skin moist. However, all the damage had been done by then and he is left horribly scarred. We are going to be needleing in January when we find a tattoo arti
  7. Hello oldguy, Thank you for your wisdom on the myriad of questions we ask! Did you use 100% TCA? Also I thought you could only do this effectively on icepick scars. Please advise. Thank you, Linny
  8. Scarred4life, Your scars are not as bad as my sons who had cystic acne, the worst you can get the doctor said. He is scarred very badly and I am now wondering about any real effective treatment for him since you could not seem to get any reliable treatment except fillers. Had you tried anything else? Or was this your last resort after exhausting all other avenues? Thanks, Linny
  9. Jill004 May I ask what kind of camera you used? It really shows the condition of your skin very well for documentation purposes. I would like to chronical my sons treatments from beginning to end as well. It is just that your camera or your proficiency with it have resulted in some of the best pics I have seen on this board. Thanks, Linny
  10. Hello P, Please, may I ask about the colostrum? Is this something you get at a health food store? What is it used for initially? Thanks Linny
  11. Anyone & Everyone, Please accept my apologies for the human difficulties....and now back to our regularly scheduled scar treatments. Thank you, Linny
  12. Linny


    Thank you Maya and Mrstupor for your kind replies you have been very helpful. Mrstupor, I clicked on the link you provided and I gleaned a wealth of acronyms. I will keep them handy for quick reference. Thanks again. Linny
  13. Hi Kailua, May I ask if you have ever had the collagen thearpy done? It looks like the needle would cause nerve damage they are so long. Or am I just being over concerned? Thank you for your reply. Linny
  14. Linny


    Hey Lisa, Could you please tell me what bump and lol means? I do not understand all the lingo yet and would really like to know what these mean. Thank you for your time. Linny
  15. Linny


    Hi Kim, Where did you go for your agressive needling treatment? Do you know what type of instrument or gun used? Did you go to a derm or tattoo artist? I am located in Stockton, CA. Thank you for your time. Linny