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  1. My order of CSR's BP just arrived this afternoon. I have a couple questions though. Did you experience an initial breakout with CSR's BP? If so, how long was it? How severe? Also, how long does a 4 oz bottle usually last? Thanks!
  2. Didnt work for me either. I believe Minocylince, out of all tetracycline antibiotics out there, has been proven to be the most effective. Try that.
  3. Biotin, eh? Blan, thanks for the info. I've got a few questions, if you dont mind. Where can one get them? How much does it cost for a mth's supply? How many grams/pills is one supposed to take daily? When does one typically start to see hair growth? What are some common side effects? What are the rare and serious side effects? And any other info you deem important, please tell me! Thanks!
  4. haha only dumb girls would fall for that one. Alisa, I want to get to know you better. And trust me, my intentions are noble and innocent.
  5. Jenna, thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry to hear that your hair is thinning. It sucks that ppl like us have to choose between clear skin and a healthy head of hair. But whatever, life's unfair sometimes, I guess. Anyhow, I really hope your hair stops thinning and whatever hair that has fallen out will regrow when you complete the course. I wish I was hypochondriac regarding my hairloss, since that would mean that it's all in my head. But that's not the c
  6. Actually, after running my fingers thru my hair this morn, I lost at least 100 strands. Didn't bother to count each one individually, but it was substantial, nonetheless. My derm ran her fingers thru my hair yesterday too, and she agreed that my hair was thinning. I called her this morn and told her that I was throwing in the towel. She suggested that I get back on a retinoid and Bp, since I gave it only six weeks prior to Accutane...and apparently, six weeks wasnt enough time. No
  7. Bigpore, When did your hair start falling out? Because my hair started to thin during wk 2. With ppl whose hair did regrow, they started losing their hair during the 3rd mth. And since that wasnt the case w. me, I feared that my hair loss wasnt typical and that it wouldnt regrow. Also, how long post treatment before your hair grew back? I hope my hair regrows, like yours did.
  8. I've decided to discontinue my accutane course because my hair was thinning at an alarming rate...and I'm only on mth 1! I'm really depressed. I've made so much progress the last few wks, and now, my skin will prolly revert to its pre-accutane state. This fucking blows! DAMN! For the ppl who discontinued their accutane course (for whatever reason), what was your regimen thereafter? Please help me! I'm so desperate and depressed! And I really dont want to do anything drastic coz I dont wa
  9. Has anyone experienced hair thinning during the first month(s) of Accutane only to see this side effect disappear during the course as your body got used to the drug? Please respond.
  10. Yes, the roots are still attached. Before Acc, I shed maybe 10-20 a day. Now, it's around 50- 100 a day. Maybe more. Maybe less. I dont know. I'm in self denial. Maybe 50- 100 doesnt sound like it's a big deal, but I have a thin head of hair as it is. And my hair was one of my best assets. So this blows big time. Thank you so much Beentheredonethat!
  11. Thanks for your reply. Sorry, just to be clear, you think I should wash, shampoo, condition, etc...my hair less frequently? I kinda tried that, but the results were unclear. I didnt wash my hair for several days last week, but when I finally did, all hell broke loose. All the hair that had fallen off but were still on my head fell off at one time. Scared the crap out of me! The hair is falling off at the root. Is that bad? Does this mean the hair wont regrow? I'm almost 100% sure that Accut
  12. Beentheredonethat, thanks for your reply. I've perused many of your posts on Accutane and hair loss and you seem very well-informed. I understand that hair thinning is symptomatic of Accutane (for those unlucky few) and that it starts a few mths into the course. (I guess this condition is common, and hair suppossedly regrows once the course is done.) But I know for sure that my hair is thinning because of Accutane--- although I'm only on wk 4! My parents are in their mid 50s and have a good
  13. I'm on wk 4 of Accutane and my hair has been thinning since wk 1. This sucks! Anyone know how I can minimize hair thinning? Should I take showers less frequently? Is there a particular shampoo to use? PLEASE....any advice is appreciated! I'm so desperate cry.gif