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  1. ARGH! ANYone havin' great results? I've been on Borage oil...(eek..someoninuk's safety note, may have to switch to evn. primrse)...anyway, goin' on 3wks now...not doin'a damn thing, actually I'm breakin' out and very very very very oil! (I've always had an oily complexion, but GEEZZZZ OILY)!!!! HELP!?!? Should I keep on the Borage? Should I switch to the ev primrose? ANYone have any grand advice? oh, as for topical...just using gentle aloe wash...
  2. momma love: [Removed Link] "As with all minerals the tanine in tea inhibits absorption, so supplements, (and really meals if you're using diet to increase your mineral intake) should not be taken with tea." Source: [Removed Link] THX facemaster....
  3. WHAT!?!?! that stinks! How did you know that? Basically it'll just make the borage oil less effective? thx...I'll be certain to watch that.. thx fuZ....It's been one week...already clearing and feel great! Although I believe the clearing is becuase I stopped the BP and TTO topical junk....tea tree is for acne/oily skinl..yeah, well ironically I think it is what was makin' me itch and breakout worse! ALSO...great to be off the minocycline...NO MORE HEADACHES! YEAH! I use simple gentl
  4. THX blondie.....hmmmn, might have to venture to your face wash routine....just alomond oil, rinse and use cloth to wipe off? Then you special concoction...then vit e oil? Hmmnn...sound so nice, cheap and simple! I'll have to give it a whirl.....already I feel tons better since quitting my antibiotics...now on the borage oil for almost a wk....but already seeing clearing (although I think that is in part becuase I stopped the BP and the TTO topical stuff). ami...ahhh hun, that stinks...try
  5. Tea Tree products; nvr used Lush's but I did use the TTO line from the body shop and had no no no results....actually I think it irritated my skin more! Very itchy.... I do have to say though, The Body Shop has many many great other products...Lush too.....AND I found Bella Lucci to have wonderful gentle products.....I love Bella's cleanser and cucumber toner!!!! SOOOooo gentle on my sensitive skin....I'm actually clearing now that I stopped the TTO stuff....I use a combo of Lush's Herbalism..
  6. Hey fuzion....I just started borage oil 3 days ago....I'll def keep ya posted....I'm already feeling better cuz I stopped the minocycline...(nasty headaches have lessened)......obviously too soon to tell the effect on my skin....I'll post in a week and update! I am having a bit of a breakout...AHHH, so scared my face is about to errupt....I'm trying to be calm, just watch what I eat, drinkin' my tea and water....milk with my borage and I eat an egg every morning to take the place of the lecithi
  7. thx melfice...I do like that site.... I was just wondering if anyone reccomends any particular brand....ANYway...I got NOW borage oil capsules a couple of days ago....hope this works! Lana....no not severe...just annoying little itchy bumps..kinda under the skin, around my mouth...not bad...I just want my skin to be smooooooth and clear....then I'll just have to worry about the red spots and gettin' them to fade....
  8. its good! I drinks lots of green...and others...can't find the imfamous honeybush tea in my city yet so trying the rooibos tea....pretty much the same as far as I can tell....hope it helps with skin...so it says and so many contend that it does....anyways...it is good...!
  9. nice! Thanks Blondie....I too want to go more natural...it must be a trend huh? lol hmmmmmm the whole wash routine.....interesting.....so many people say, just use water...but for us girls that wear make-up, comm'on....we need a little more than that! I'll have to try that out....cool! LET us know how it goes please! And for the antibiotics...YES...I stopped them 2 days ago....began Borage oil (starflower) yesterday.......thx to "someoneinengland" I know to drink with milk and all t
  10. Yippie! ME TOO....I will start the borage with tonights meal......BYE-BYE antibiotics......ahhh, I'm scared though...should I be droppin' them cold turkey and starting Borage right away with a bang? Anyone thinnk I should give my body a rest between first? OR should I just take the plunge and begin the Borage...better go back to the store and get the lecithin too huh? I just figured I could eat more eggs...lol...seriously though...thought I could find more foods that have lecithin in it and
  11. MDP.....did you ever try Borage Oil (starflower) instead.... I'm going to try it, just hope it doesn't have the same effect that EPO did on me (cramping thingy..)
  12. LOL am I following you or are you following me? Is it just me, or does this topic seem like it is popping up everywhere? LOL YES, thank-you for clearing that up england......GOOD to know!
  13. Good question....although, I tried to go without milk for a extended period of time and never found it to HELP my skin at all! I love my milk and glad I'm drinking it again! Never did me any good without it.
  14. Im sure their are places that do it without the capsules. To be honest starflower oil is pretty horrible tasting, so i dont know why you would want it in non-capsule form. No, I do want it in the capsule form....just one's that are gelatin free (meaning no animal bi-products/that is what gelatin coating is made out of) :angel:
  15. >You are SUPPOSE to take it with food? I also heard to take EPO or Starflower oil/Borage oil WITH MILK...very much more helpful than with water....better results I guess..... "Even though it's only been a couple of days since I posted, I am thoroughly disappointed. My acne is still much better from the EPO, but now my stomach problems are worse and it looks like I am going to have to quit taking it. There are times when I say my skin is more important than the rest of my health, but whe