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  1. Hey everyone, I've just switched to Isotrex Gel after 3 months of Zineryt. Has anyone else tried this topical? What were results like? Any bad side effects i should be aware of? Any replies much appreciated!
  2. They eventually come to a head. I have a few on my cheeks and after about a month most of them came to a head.
  3. I like SA, it doesn't make feel flake unlike BP. I've been using that product you said and it does seem to work to clean off any excess makeup and dirt. As for blackheads and whiteheads, i guess it helps marginally to get rid of them.
  4. I suppose you bought these at Boots right? I don't know where to get it inexpensive in america. It doesn't have to be from Boots! I'm sure in America you have a lot more options makeupwise. As long as you get a decent concealer and powder it doesn't matter where you get it from! :D
  5. I thought dream matte mouse was okay for mild acne but when its for covering marks or lots of spots it gave poor coverage. Plus the fact i have oily skin so the mouse made me look reflective halfway through the day....like i'd be polished.
  6. You should put concealer on top of the spot then merge the edges of it into your skin so it looks more even. Next lightly cover with foundation (Powder if you are prone to oily skin) before finishing off with a light powder.
  7. Man i have one of them right now in the best place ever - Right between the eyes! I don't usually get painful ones but this one is a beast. It throbs and it feels like someones stuck a small piece of gravel under the skin.
  8. I try and not touch my face but its always so tempting. I don't even lie on my side anymore when i go to sleep to avoid any chance that bacteria on my pillow will get onto my face. Probably does but it makes me feel better.
  9. For the past ten years i've been too forgiving on my friend. I was so forgiving that she began to manipulate it and lernt that whatever she did to me she could get away with it. Well now i regret not standing up for myself and stopping her from getting away with it. Until only recently have i had the courage to do this and face her. Theres only so many times you can forgive someone until you feel like a fool.
  10. I know how you feel. My red marks are very bad, too. :( I don't wish this skin disease upon anyone else, but I really wish I wasn't the only person out of my friends with acne. I'll have a friend who will complain about ONE small pimple. Deep inside I'm thinking, "Shut the hell up and stop whining over your one rare zit" but I actually wouldn't be that mean about it. :P Same here! My friends litrally think its the end of the world if they get one spot "Omg my face looks like a mess, it
  11. Get serious. It's not about being shallow. Being a flight attendent has the same requirements as being a hostess at a fine restaurant or being a professional makeup artist or being a diet expert. They aren't going to have someone that looks unattractive serving meals on an airplane to strangers that paid good money for great service from good looking people. You don't want to go eat at a restaurant where the hostess has terrible hair, smells, and is wearing bad clothes. You won't want to ge
  12. This is a little strange but i like the small of my back because it curves inwards to give me a reasonably sized butt! I lalso ike my hair, naturally wavy so i don't need tongs.
  13. I've never had really sore inflamatory acne but i can always feel when another spot is about to pop up. Its kinda disheartening knowing that in a few hours there will be another spot to get rid of! And i'm doing okay ta laura!
  14. Hey Laura! How ya doing? Judging from your pics your acne really doesn't look that bad, although i know how hard it is to believe how good your skin is when someone compliments on it when you've gotten used to having bad skin for so long!
  15. I've always tried doing that, distracting myself but then i only have to look at my friends lovely clear skin and remember how bad mine must be! I have more hyperpigmentation marks than actual spots which pees me off because the marks take ages to fade! Looking back on how my face used to be i'm kicking myself for not doing more with my life because now that i want to do things i always judge it on how well my face is and whether i could show my face. I wear makeup everyday, otherwise i can't b