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  1. Let me give a background about myself. I'm 37 year old. I used to have clear skin but recently my skin started to break. I get these small bumps under my skin that are turing in to cystic acne. I tried using Benzoyl and Salicylic acid. Both made my skin worse. I went to see a derm, she gave me Minocycline and Finacea gel. Finacea failed, gave me acne on places I didn't have before. So I stopped using all topical stuff and turned to Laser treatment. While this is still in progress, I would like t
  2. Hi I'm having similar bumps on my face as well. I started to get these when I stopped birth control pills. But it gotten so much worse a couple months ago when I used a wrong face wash and got bad allergic reaction to it. First few weeks, I tried to fix the problem myself using oxygen mask but my skin got super oily after that. I think the mask was too stimulating causing my skin to produce more oil. I'm doing laser treatment right now. It seems to help with active pimples but does absol
  3. it helps but with a lot of patience

    I do notice when ever I eat cheese I always get pimples the next day, so I gave this diet a try. With a lot of patience, I saw the result after 4 months. At the same time I also avoid, red meat, tropical fruits (water melon, mangos, pineapple, papaya, durian..etc). It's not a miracle or overnight cure. I had to be very careful about what I eat. But it's worth it.
  4. I did it for a week

    When I noticed that my skin broke out really bad and my dermatologist appointment is still a week away, I tried eating apples and blueberries for the whole week. I know for fact that stop eating dairy helped me a lot with pimples in the past. So I thought if I just eat fruits only that can't hurt. I didn't see any improvement on my skin. Huge drawback is that you can't live on apple diet. I constantly felt tired. I didn't have enough energy to function properly. I couldn't exercise. And that's a
  5. works on smaller pimple

    I tried to use this before I'm trying to get pregnant so Retinol is not my option. This can be too drying if I use it for longer than 2 days. I can only use it as spot treatment. And it works on smaller pimples. It does absolutely nothing on big cystic acne.
  6. make my skin worse

    My derm told me to use it all over the face, even on the area that has no acne. Days later, my whole face broke out even worse than before. And I'm getting pimple on the areas I didn't have pimples before. It also stings and itches really bad. I felt like I wanted to rip my face off and scratch it. I don't think the right thing for my skin.