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  1. I agree with cool as kim. Sometimes you break out with no apparent rhyme or reason. It's going to happen on any regimen, no matter how good you've been with it. If it keeps happening I would make some changes, but as it stands it's probably just a fluke. Good luck!
  2. Yes, redmarks do eventually fade. I wouldn't say it's through the use of the regimen, because BP actually slows down the skin's ability to heal redmarks ( ), but they will go away with time. Good luck!
  3. Thanks, everyone. (Kitty is adorable, isn't he?) thorn, it's great that you've started the regimen. Just remember that every day you're one step closer. I wish you all the best!
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    My success
  5. Hey everyone. My recent breakout made me realize how lucky I was to get pimples so rarely anymore, and that I had never posted before/after pictures here. I started getting mild acne in the fourth grade. At the time I didn't know what it was or how I should feel about it, so I was okay until middle school, where I began to get teased. My skin slowly but surely got worse until the summer before this school year, ninth grade, when I came here and decided to take a stand against my acne. Here is
  6. Hi everyone. I have moderate acne, which I control using the DKR. I had not had a breakout in a month and a half until last week, when I started jogging. I was horrified and devastated! Was I going to have to choose between clear skin and a fit figure? Now that the spots are fading, the rest of my skin looks... amazing! The tone is great, my pores look smaller, and believe it or not, people have been complimenting me, even with the still-fading spots! What a miracle! Maybe the excersize someh
  7. It's not really possible for me to do the regimen and work out during the same period of time, as the gym I go to has very limited hours (eleven to five) and I have to be up at seven. I will try rinsing with water. Thanks for the advice!
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    I had awful breakouts when I first started the regimen, but I stuck with it and I am sure as heck glad that I did. It's the best thing that I've ever done for myself. Please don't give up! Good luck.
  9. Hey guys, just a quick question: If I wanted to wash my face after working out (because sweat seems to be breaking me out pretty badly), could I just wash, or would that remove the BP? Can I do the whole regimen again, or would it be too much irritation? I know that in the FAQ Dan says that sweating shouldn't change the state of your acne, but it's the only thing I've changed in the past week that could possibly affect the state of my skin. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the info on the smell/texture variation. That's comforting. How can I tell if the BP is sweating off? My face doesn't feel unusually sticky or anything. I don't wash my face afterwards, just sort of dab it with a soft towel because I'm worried washing would interfere with the regimen. Should I be doing something else? The excersize doesn't interfere with the timing of my regimen. Thanks again.
  11. Hey everyone. I started the regimen about six months ago and have been having amazing success lately. I'm taking weeks without a serious pimple. But this week, two things happened: 1. I began running after school 2. I recieved my new shipmen of Dan's BP cream And now my face is broken out worse than it has in a long while. I noticed that my new cream has a very different smell and texture than the old one-- could this be causing the breakouts? Or is it the sweat from the excersize? And how s
  12. Sorry to hear about your lack of success. Better luck in the future.
  13. I think that happens to a lot of people. Personally, I carry tissues around and, when I feel too oily, dab lightly at my face in the bathroom.
  14. It happened with me almost exactly the same way. It'll go away, although it may take longer than a few days. Don't pick! I'm still dealing with redmarks because I picked. Good luck!
  15. I'm pretty sure it's not hormonal. Maybe I have been lax with my BP applications. Hmm, something to think about. Thanks everyone.
  16. Yeah, they're pretty much all bumps that were there before and have only just now risen... but why now? why all at the same time?
  17. Hey everyone. I've been on the regimen for about three months and a few days ago some clogged pores/small whiteheads that had been lying dormant exploded into full-blown pimples. Now I have six+ major spots all on completely different areas of my face. It seems way too widespread and severe to be a coincidence. I haven't changed any products or missed any applications. The day before the breakout I looked in the mirror and said "Your skin has not been this good in six years." It got me really e
  18. I took a very hot shower a few days ago and several clogged pores I had turned into larger pimples. Could this have been caused by the steam? It's probably better in the long run but I'm curious.
  19. I have the problem of picking at/touching clogged pores and whiteheads, which then erupt into much more noticable pimples. I'm so mad at myself when it happens but it's so hard to resist.
  20. Try Jojoba oil? I haven't used it personally but I've heard some really good things. Good luck.