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  1. Crossfit is where its at in my opinion. I do Crossfit daily, and its been my main course for the past year. Im a hard gainer, and when i was lifting the bodybuilding workouts i couldnt gain mass and hold it very well. Most ive ever gained was 10 pounds, and it was right before my honeymoon. I lost all that muscle in 6 months of not keeping consistent with the routines, and with the running i did. But Crossfit!? Im getting real strong in alot of ways. Im getting my wife hooked too. I have never
  2. wndrlance

    Not recent

    From my old phone, so these are 16+ months old.
  3. So I have zits on the back of my neck, in the hair line and below it. Its frustrating because I know it is probably scarred up back there and bumpy- just not attractive in any way. I have topical stuff that works for my back and chest and if I get em my face, but it seems to do nothing back on my neck. Since I'm in the army and we keep such short haircuts, I've noticed them more. I wonder if they are formed because of the helmets we were- has a strap that goes across back there and every day we
  4. Hey everyone, I've had stretch marks on my lower back since I hit puberty and for a while they looked like I've been whipped or sliced horizontally. But now I think its been better since I'm chubbier now (or bigger) and my skins grew or gotten looser. I just wanted to know if buying this cocoa butter stuff will help my stretch marks if I apply it every morning.
  5. Hey I bet if you went looking for those salycic pads in walmart or something like that, you could find it. I know because we have them here.
  6. Yeah there are pads that just have salycic acid
  7. I'm in a place where I can't have a lot of stuff and I like the idea of these stridex pads to use in the mornings after I shave to keep zits away, anyone try this and had it work or know a method they used with the pads?
  8. I got a roommate whos advance for my acne was "Keep popping it and it'll go away" Yeah with scars. The guy who said that has tons of scars. I kinda want to salvage, not destroy.
  9. Hey i like cetaphil and i noticed that it made my zits stop occuring as often.
  10. I like shaving just because it leaves my skin nice and smooth and i think that helps with acne, and because i have to. Your call, but i would shave.
  11. Hey I know how you feel cuz I was pretty similar. I never got a filler but always wanted to. I recommend that you should continue with accutane and do your best to not worry about it and have fun. Because doing that will help you get rid of your acne. For me, mine almost disappeered completely after accutane and with use of cetaphil face wash, and even more so when I started running every morning or night and started to have fun. Now I just have a little bit that I use bp on but I haven't f
  12. Do you think i can get the army to pay for some scar treatments? like Laser? Im kinda wondering if i should call an army provider and see.
  13. Yeah i cant grow a beard either in the army. ALTHOUGH i did see some pictures of the british secret air service when they're in iraq, and they had full on beards. But yeah, beards are good for the scars, and ... the ladays.
  14. wndrlance

    My m249 SAW

    Is that airsoft? Im going to handle a real one pretty soon.
  15. To me, the best razor is a single blade disposable razor. I get them by the bundle and cheap. I use Active Edge Shaving Cream.
  16. Eh, dont let them bring you down. Go do something to take your mind off it. Personally, i recommend running at night since no one watches you, you don't get honked at, and your able to run in the cool breeze. I got called names too- in history 7th grade, we we're learning about Africa, and i got called Zitbabwe. ZIT babwe. it sucks, but you laugh about it and move on.
  17. I dont think its all that bad, and im sure you can get it gone in a month. Ill just recommend what i would do if i was you- I'd use a Cetaphil liquid face wash morning and night- and whenever your face is really dirty. Then at night i would do a Benzoyl peroxide (maybe look at the %'s and get one thats not very high (not 10% but more 1-4%). Last thing i would do is stop worrying about it. Schools not that important to be worrying about your looks a month in advance. And the other thing yo
  18. You gotta get out of that attitude. More you believe that BP doesnt do anything and accutanes the only thing you need- the more your body will create acne. BP does alot for you, and you need to take acne in your hands. You did it during accutane by being consistent in taking your pills. NOW you gotta be consistent and persistent in BP, along with other measures like exercising, healthy diet, and consistency. Thats why we have this forum and people post what works for them- so others can try
  19. Yeah, I've heard martial arts really is good for self esteem and gaining self confidence. I'd LOVE to do brazilian jujitsu, but I am unsure where I could go to learn it. You can learn it anywhere really, its become widely popularized. OR You could just come over and ill teach you. OR if your like this badass fighter we have around here, you can learn it from instruction videos and end up kicking my ass.
  20. Hey Sailor- i just joined the army and i leave for South Carolina pretty soon (flights on friday) What i do to shave and i recommend this if the other ways dont work. Cetaphil Liquid face wash- I do this every morning with warm water and pat dry. But if im shaving, i leave it a little moist. Active Edge Shaving Cream- Green stripe bottle. This stuff is awesome and the green stripe is for oily skin. Single Blade Razors- Disposable razors. I like them because they're inexpensive and better f
  21. Or it could be that lighter skin people seek out forums for help?