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  1. Hey buddy I know what this feels like. But dont blame the dermatologist. Remember they are only doing the best with what they have learned. They can also only prescribe what is approved so there limited many times. Anyways, Bud if you ignore the acne and live like you dont have it nobody will care once they see you dont care either. I have used all the stuff you have listed too. I am also currently using tretinoin I have been on it for 2 months. Remember buddy yourt lucky you said you haven
  2. Ok so I have used tretinoin twice before and didnt see any results. This time I have been on tretinoin with an antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide. My dermatologist has given me antibiotics 4 times now each for a 1 month supply. I go back in on monday to see him and I am going to tell him about how I dont want to develop an immunity to antibiotics since I have taken them so much for long term. Anyways I wanted to share my story with those who have moderate level acne but have A lot of hy
  3. This is the one I get alot.. "Wow if you took better care of your skin you'd have no problems." "Eww look at your acne" But i stay happy because I know it will go eventually and besides karma always comes back. Plus people without acne dont know any better.
  4. And I just noticed you said it hasnt come to head. these suckers usually tend to go away on there own but just take time.. You could always use a warm compress like a hot towel on the spot. Heat usually encourages lesions and under skilled bumps to come to a head which you could treat with a topical like benzoyl peroxide! Of course with only a few days left. id try an antibiotic cream or something to reduce swelling/size. if its still forming benzoyl peroxide and many topicals may not be
  5. I would say a solution to your problem would be to try some quick home remedies maybe like ice, or even a little whitening toothpaste (not too much), Benzoyl Peroxide which is usually in alot of skin products targeted at acne. As for before sunday. Its possible I would try benzoyl peroxide it works really fast when applied correctly. As for your wedding good luck to you and even if you have the pimple still dont let it ruin the greatest day of your life! Have a great wedding! May you ha