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  1. i dont know what he did exactly, but he has pictures and everything. when he first signed up to the army at 21, he was told jokingly, "we dont take kids". but he went anyways. he was only 5 feet tall exactly. he trained hard, ran 10 miles a day. he told me that as a whiny little kid he barely ate any food -only candy and sweets and ice cream and things that tasted good. there was none of that in the army for him -only real food there. so he started there with a really healthy diet and half a ye
  2. idk.......ive heard ppl grew after taking it but some said that it stopped them from further growth. that really sucks. roache is a whore company if it makes medicine that stunts kids growth.
  3. Hey Guys, This is really important to me (as probably to most people) but, does accutane stunt growth? I've heard that it causes 'premature epiphyseal closure" - meaning you wont grow. Has anyone here continued to grow taller while taking it or afterwards- even if only one inch? My argument has been countered with whats written on this link - http://www.teengrowth.com/index.cfm?action...&ID_Advice=4666 Ive also been scrambling online to see any reports of stunted height - very few b