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  1. To be honest, I'm not sure. Ever since I realized it was the sun I haven't really gone out without sunblock, and I try not to stay out in the sun more than 15 mins now because I don't want to cause another reaction. I've read that subsequent exposure may condition the skin a bit so the reactions become less severe, which seems to be happening. Sunblock shouldn't hurt though.
  2. Just sharing my story. Not really a point to this postl, except how much I loathe acne. I've had moderate acne for about 6-7 years now, through some of junior high and all through high school. After the first year of college I finally gave in and realized it couldn't be COMPLETELY controlled with good diet and exercise, for me anyway. So I went to a derm, and they prescribed me a topical retinoid. As many of you know, side effects include increased photosensitivity. Well, the good news is t
  3. just because someone else can eat whatever and not break out is the saddest reason in the world... you, as an acne sufferer more than anyone, should know everyone has a different body with different genetics, lifestyles, and metabolisms... the hypocrisy is through the roof..i bet many people who claim diet has no affect ON ANYONE have also tried acne products that haven't worked for them but have worked for others, and vice versa. see what i did there?
  4. take some aspirin for the inflammation and pain, maybe some aloe vera. personally, i'd keep it simple and just give it time to heal.
  5. I'm sad because my parents are going to get divorced, and my mom is suffering and i can't do much to help her even though i would do anything to help her..i'm sad because i'm going through money problems..im sad because i'm lonely even though my acne is very mild these days.. sigh, that felt prett good to get off my chest.
  6. i, and i'm sure many of you, learned about the importance of eating right, exercise, taking care of my self physically and emotionally.
  7. I've been relatively clear for the last month or so. My relatives said my skin looked much better. My coworker, who is beautiful, out of the blue said I was handsome. After SIX LONG YEARS of acne, I was on top of the world. Last week I had kind of a nasty breakout, and now my left cheek has some very noticeable red marks left over. It's decently bad. Yesterday..I felt like absolute garbage..this was supposed to be my year where I could finally go on..I was on my knees in the middle of my roo
  8. Do you get headaches/sore neck/sore jaw? If so, definately get some sort of correction. When teeth don't fit together well, it causes a lot of stress on the jaw muscles. It also causes a lot of wear and tear on your teeth. I've done my homework because I had braces a looong time ago. But recently a relapse in my front teeth so 2-3 teeth were crooked/crowded. I also went to 2 different orthos (1 that originally did my braces) and my dentist. Both orthos recommended braces AGAIN. My dentist recom
  9. General update -The chem peel wasn't as bad as I thought. My skin was kind of dry coming into school but its fine now. Started using Tazorac cream instead of gel, it feels alot less drying. Since school started no new break outs, but we'll see what happens when the stress really adds up. I'm definately hopeful for this school year though. I live with 3 roommates in an apartment and it feels really amazing to not have to worry about my face looks.\ My regimen is still very simple. Try to eat he
  10. I want to become a pediatrician, make some money from it (not the only reason why), and use it to make my parents very comfortable during their retirement years. They've done too much for me, and I want the opportunity to give back.
  11. i used to think that way when girls showed some interest...but then i thought about it.. 1) if i avoid her, i lose any chance with her, period. 2) if i approach her, and she's not into me as much as i had originally thought (for whatever reason), then again, i lose her. this also has the benefit of letting yourself know you tried and has the same conclusion as choice 1) 3) if i approach her, and she's still interested, then i can take it from there. honestly, i'm tired of dreaming about wha
  12. Great post! I'm going to be volunteering at a children's hospital playing games with in-patient kids within a few weeks. I hope I go away with a new respect for life too.
  13. join clubs/orgs/find pickup sport games. it's always kind of awkward to go up to random people, usually there has to be some common activity or something.