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  1. I took large doses of pantothenic acid for a couple of months, then 0.5 - 1.0 gram daily for a couple of years. I still continue to take a 0.5 gram capsule once in a while, once or twice a week. I can't remember exactly when I started taking vitamin b5, but must be at least 5 years ago. I never noticed any of the hair loss some people mention associated with taking high doses, that is until starting about a little over a year ago. So who knows if taking b5 has anything to do with my thinning
  2. Sometimes you don't notice the irritation until a few days later. Also, please be aware that Retin-A (and similar products) can make your skin very fragile, prone to scarring easily.
  3. Does it really help with pitted scars? Reading about I think it would be great for acne and maybe red marks and skin texture, but not for pitted scars. Do you have any before and after pics?
  4. Dude I've got big ass deep chicken pox scar almost right in the middle of my forehead the size of pencil eraser. And to make matters worse it is totally white and my face has dark tan color. I'd trade you for yours in a second. Anyway, I though subcision worked better for chicken pox scars. I've tried needling, but scars on the forehead take more time. I did get improvement, but I f'd up by using s*t that makes scar worse, so basically I'm almost starting from zero on many scars 'cause I lost
  5. Rugged Rat, I also have some of the most severe scarring concentrated on my right temple. I also have light scarring on my left temple I don't even care about the scarring on the left temple. Let me be honest, scars on the forehead and temple area don't respond as well as scars say on the cheekbone area. This doesn't mean you won't see improvement, it just means it will take more time. I really don't mind my scarring that much on the temple areas because I can just sort of cover it with the ha
  6. Don't know yet, but certainly not that. :naughty: What was that about? :think:
  7. OK you can buy bee venom balm or ointment if anyone wants to try it. Like I mentioned earlier my main concern is that this dissolves scar tissue and there's no guarantee new collagen formation will occur. Just like the stupid Serrapeptase, which also works by dissolving scar tissue and made my scars worse 'cause there was no new collagen formation. This would work great if the scar is the result of excessive collagen, but pitted scars are the result of collagen loss. The main component of bee
  8. Maldition, what treatments are you doing right now and what type of scars do you have?
  9. For pics of rollers and stamp check this site http://www.jglobalsales.com/wholesale/inde...dex&cPath=1 Like someone mentioned already, the stamps seem to work better and you can target scars better with them than a roller. Trust me, I'm a real veteran in this forum. Alec Eiffel, acupuncture needles won't really work because they tend to be very flexible. I have a bunch of them I bought but never used because scar tissue can be very hard, this made the damn needles bend and never really pe
  10. I have my doubts whether this would work with pitted acne scars. It dissolves scar tissue, but is there any guarantee that there will be new collagen formation when the scar tissue is dissolved? If not, you could end up with a worse looking scar. I thought of this a couple of years ago and posted, there wasn't much interest either, as you can see no has replied yet here. I did catch a bee and tried to get it to sting me on a scar on my forehead but it just wouldn't, so I just let it go moved on
  11. I see lots of red marks and some active acne which makes it look worse than it really is. Have you tried the Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) regimen? If not, you may want to give that a try. It can take care of your acne and oily skin.
  12. Is there any actual proof or is this just hearsay? Personal experiences can be misleading. I read a couple of books, latest by Dr N. Lowe who writes retin-A is effective against antiaging, as well as clearing acne. He does not mention anything about its potential to cause scarring. In fact the main cause of scarring is acne itself. If you read anywhere that retin-A has such side effects - which completely defeats its purpose, then can you let me know as I'm currently using it as an antiagi
  13. So you don't plan to ever try any of this you post about?
  14. So who's going to be the first one to try this?
  15. I've read it does thicken the skin, not sure though. I don't have the same problem. I would use one with short needles like 0,5mm. And be really very gentle. Maybe use it only every other day, or once every three days. And definitely moisturize with something oily or a great cream afterwards. And also moisturize every day, like twice a day. I have a scar on my wrist and I used 1,5mm, and I wasn't very gentle, not too rough. But I have really skinny wrists (and arms), thin skin, bony. And a
  16. It doesn't penetrate as easily as when you first used it, it takes more pressure. With the prices relatively low now, it's better to just use a roller or stamp max 2 or 3 times and then get a new one.
  17. Please do try it and let us know how it works for you. You won't know if it works for you if you just keep talking about it. The doctor from this study you posted (http://dermatology.cdlib.org/113/letters/t...ate/rakesh.html) is the same one I contacted.
  18. I took it for 6 months, can't quite remember the exact dose right now, I believe it might have been 30mg a day like in the study. After three months I contacted the Indian doctor who did the study, sent pics and asked for opinion, was told to give it another 3 months, so I did. At 6 months I contacted the doctor again and said to try doubling the dose. I did not continue because I though I had wasted enough time and needed to try something else. Also, there can be some bad side effects when tak
  19. I could have sworn "1.5mm" was there when I read or else I wouldn't have asked. Anyway, you also beat me to the explanation of the "improvement". If you are rolling with a 1.5mm roller every day, your skin will always be red and swollen.
  20. If you are willing to try it go ahead. I tried it myself. It did not help at all with old wounds, but it helps heal new wounds very fast without any scarring.
  21. I think s/he is legit and just recommending based on good results. It's been a while, but this "Lilian" name came up often a while ago. I'd go with a hand tool though instead of a tattoo gun 'cause the gun can make tons of pricks and macerate the skin. There are better tools available specifically for needling scars.
  22. Told you so. Sometimes I get tired of telling people Retin-A might give them scars. I used a couple of generic brands and the last one I used the longest was Retin-A Micro. I only had severe acne for a period of maybe 2 - 3 months, then it went away by itself. It left me with a lot of stubborn red marks, but no pitted scars or at the very worse some very insignificant shallow scars. I started using the Retin-A maybe a year later after seeing the red marks weren't fading fast enough. Shortly aft
  23. If you're not taking vitamin C, you should start taking 1 gram a day. It helps with the healing process.
  24. I don't understand how you cannot bleed when using 2.0mm, unless you're not sticking the needles all the way. I've got a lot of experience with needling and I can you when you do it correctly you will always see some bleeding when using needles 1.0mm or longer. It's really not about rolling/stamping hard. Just stretch the skin to make the needles penetrate easier and make sure the scar gets enough needle pricks. A small needle stamp is better for this. Scars on the forehead look the wor