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  1. Hi guys! I am struggling with my acnes about 5 years! When I was 10 I had some acnes on my forehead and literally I didn't pay attention. But it got worse and worse. Now I am 15 and I am turning 16 in February but still I have this disgusting acnes on my face! To be perfectly honest I have acnes also on my back and chest. And I also have acnes on my pussy NO JOKING! My face is so red I feel myself super ugly because of this acnes! Could you guys please comment below your viewpo
  2. Wow your face acnes areactually not that bad. Mine is even worse, trust me. There is no clean surface on my face.
  3. Oh don't worry. It all will go away as time goes by.
  4. Hi guys! I got acnes since I was 11 now I'm 15 (turning 16). I'm on diet and used plenty of medicals but it doesn't help a bit. I dream about having clean face because I am always red and feel disgusting. I have got acnes not only on my face, but also on my neck, back, chest and on my hands surprisingly on my pussy too im not joking! Im so shy and sad bc of that. I feel like Im ugly and im hella jelous when i see clean faced teens. Not only me others feel the same i guess. they look at me with