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  1. I had a really bad reaction to Bio-Oil that I think made my scarring worse, so be very careful with it. If it stings, your face gets red and raw, or you get a 'browning' effect, stop using it straight away. Just keep a really close eye on what it's doing to your skin. When the scarring is actually physical indentations, the chances of Bio-Oil changing that are slim to nil. I'd never use Bio-Oil for acne scarring again. It might just be my skin type, but it was awful.... After a few weeks of
  2. How was the first treatment? Hope it goes well for you!
  3. I have a handheld mirror and I use it a lot during the day. I also use my phone to take videos of myself to see what my face looks like, so i'm pretty much like you mate. Have you got any pics of your acne? It's not great is it? haha Yep. I do. Here's a couple. It's mainly ice pick scars on my left cheek, with a few boxcars on my right.
  4. How did the actual procedure go? Any pain or anything? Your profile picture is awesome btw!
  5. Do you ever find yourself constantly going back and forth to the mirror all the time? I do this thing where I take a handheld mirror into the garden, 'cos I don't trust the lighting in my house. (Yeah, the neighbours must be like What the f**k?!) Sometimes mirrors don't seem trustworthy so I'll take my phone or my laptop, take a 5-10 minute video and then review the footage later to try and determine how bad it looks... It's a really destructive obsession of mine, but it just keeps calling m
  6. It's like a guy who's trapped in a burning building and chooses to jump out the window rather than just wait for the fire right?
  7. Just a bit of a quick update. I'm being referred to a dermatologist when I go to have my blood taken in a fortnight, so I'm cautiously optimistic at the moment. I've started taking small steps towards where I want to be again, and I've seen friends a few times and met some new people. Since I started this thread I've looked at changing my behaviours and triggers for getting so down... I don't obsess with staring into the mirror all day and try not to think about it so much... Worrying won't cha
  8. Wow! For someone who hates to even have my blood taken, this made me squirm. A lot.
  9. Thanks for the reply! It does look a lot worse in person as my camera's not up to much. Is 80% realistic to hope for?
  10. I'm not sure if you're from the UK, but, if you are, get yourself to your GP. They'll put you on some anti-biotics for your active acne, and that'll improve things a lot. Like they say, prevention is the best cure. I was put on a course of anti-biotics about 6 weeks ago, and it's cleared my skin almost completely of active acne, and even my scarring looks better for it. As for the other things, I'm not too sure, so wait for someone else to reply
  11. "I was battling borderline personality disorder, depression and self-harming at the age of 17-21, along with cystic acne until age 24. But as dark as the world can look at that moment, somewhere in my mind I kept a voice telling me that there is light in a tunnel and it's really not worth taking more serious measures like ending my life. That is what I would tell other people nurturing some suicidal thoughts - however bad is it right now, there are no reasons important enough to commit suicide,
  12. Pianina Just gotta echo missamua's thoughts on this. If it doesn't affect you that's great. Really. But for a lot of people it does, and being so condescending doesn't really help anyone does it? From the title of the thread it should be obvious that maybe I just wanted support or some type of connection with someone who'd been through similar experiences. Facial scarring is something that can take over your life, whether you have a strong character or not. Combine depression into that, and
  13. I'm 22, and the last two years have been nothing but this. It sucks