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  1. hi guys, i'm searching for a new foundation for my dry flaky skin. i'm currently using bareminerals complexion rescue gel/cream foundation and it's ok but i'm not that happy with it. i prefer dewy finish and i'm wondering if you guys could recommend me your favs?! thanks!
  2. i agree. i've definitely been there.. anxiously browsing the forums grasping for supplements without actually knowing how they are interacting with my body/endocrine system. i wish the people making posts claiming a supplement has solved their acne would give us a more informed breakdown of how and why. everyone needs to research the root cause of their acne as opposed to hastily bandaiding the symptoms!
  3. have you tried it? like green said it may have been the milk thistle.. I really liked how it made my skin feel aside from the random whiteheads. I purchased some 2% BHA lotion from Paula's Choice and im in love, you should try it! at first I was concerned that it would be too drying since its medicated so I emailed a representative and they said it would be a sufficient moisturizer. they were right, it moisturizes wonderfully and i am loving the idea of a deep exfoliant and moisturizer all in o
  4. i recently started using cerave hydrating cleanser and the moisturizing cream. it helped a lot with the dryness on my cheek and my chin cyst is fading. it also seems that the blackheads along my jawline are fewer but still present. anyway, a few whiteheads popped up along my jaw and i'm wondering if anyone has ever had cerave cause this? i rarely get whiteheads, could this be some kind of purge? before cerave i had been using jojoba and aloe. also supposed to be ovulating soon but idk...OH an
  5. i agree that BP acv and the soap is too much. If I were you, i'd have her stop all of her current topical treatments for a time. give her skin time to repair itself then I would recommend getting some calcium bentonite clay powder aztec healing clay brand and mixing it with acv (i use part acv part thyme infused witch hazel or cucumber juice) and afterwards moisturize with aloe. Whether it be a diet/hormone issue or not.. this mask will improve your daughters skin. make it a fun relaxing
  6. lettuce as a replacement for bread! who doesnt love a lettuce wrap sandwich?
  7. hi guys, ive always been very cautious about what supplements i take and i would really like to incorporate saw palmetto in with my vitamins but i have read that a lot of people have had liver issues because of SP. this frightens me. i actually just read a forum thread where every poster claimed SP wrecked their liver I have excess androgen and was really excited to start taking this until i did the digging.. is it truly that dangerous for the liver? maybe I should also incorporate milk this
  8. hi! sorry for your frustration.. green gable's "how to treat hormonal acne" post was very helpful to me when i discovered this site. i have the same problem and deciding whether to take DIM or Saw palmetto was daunting for me too. i read this post and decided that inositol would be a safe place to start since it is a B vitamin. I have been taking it for close to 2 months and the cysts on my chin have been showing up very rarely and go away after a day (before there was always a very
  9. i just ordered mine woohoo I bought "my konjac sponge" brand and got the french pink clay and charcoal sponges~*~ im excited.
  10. My appointment is soon and I am worried that they will suggest synthetic hormones. my mom goes to the same lady and she is doing some weird treatment where they insert a little rice sized pill into an incision on her butt/lower back. (it sounds like the lady doesn't just prescribe trial and error bc) I guess what I'm asking is.. will a gynecologist be able to help me if I am against BC and synthetic hormones?
  11. does anyone use this? my mom and i bought some recently and i really love how it feels and looks but when i take it off i feel like my skin is crappier... doesn't necessarily break me out but just duller and not smooth or soft. my mom said she had to stop using it. I wish i had a foundation that looked good and made my skin feel healthy afterwards
  12. oh yeahh i totally forgot about those, could you link? let us know how it works for ya
  13. why even respond to the post then? ._.i mean really._. as if anyone is forcing you to research diet for them.... try to contain ur bad attitude please.
  14. hi! have you tried oil cleansing? lately I have been trying sunflower seed oil mixed with 2 drops of peppermint and 1 drop of tea tree in a little dropper bottle and the pores on my nose are definitely unclogging. I used to use jojoba instead of sunflower and i'm not sure which one i like more. also jojoba is a wonderful moisturizer. I massage my face with oil and then wash it off with Sappo Hill almond soap bar. it's a very simple regime