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  1. Lola, I was also wondering what IPL is? Were you impressed with your subcision procedures and how many did you have? I have had 2 in 6 mos. My derm wants me to do monthly cool touch series about 4 of them at about $200 a shot. What does your doc charge?
  2. Tiger, The number for Dr. Gilberts office is: 360-676-1470
  3. To all that have tried the smoothbeam laser: My Derm also recommended smoothbeam at monthly intervals to control the deep down bacteria that causes cysts. He gave me a price of $ 190.00 a shot for a procedure that only takes them about 15 minutes. It's non-evasive so there's no down time. I've tried Accutane 3 times in 10 years and it does work. I don't nearly break out in cysts as bad as I use to. I would be willing to give the smoothbeam a go but would love to hear others comments.
  4. Hi Maya, What specific home peels do you recommend (brand, type etc.) and the strength? thanks!!
  5. I was on Accutane for a total of 4-5 mos and the Doc started me off slowly like the first month 40 mgs..then next month 60 eventually (I think as it was sooooo long ago) I was up to 80 mg. I hated the side effects so that's all I wanted to tolerate. As far as scar treaments, I've had 2 medium depth TCA peels, 2 laser resurfacing and 2 subcision surgeries. All with extensive down time!! The subcision wasn't too bad though. The peels and laser resurfacing are expensive as most know and it only
  6. Accutane is really the only thing that will knock out acne but as most know..it's extremely powerful! It does work atleast for up to 90% but after a year later acne could come back. I've never had problems with severe acne only some cysts (the kind that can scar) I've been on Accutane 3x in 10 years! I don't break out that muvh but have stubborn acne that won't go away. I have some scarring but have done NUMEROUS scar treatments that have helped. I would highly recommend waiting 6-9 mos to
  7. w1t3y: Gawd...I sure you're healing from your experience with the 70% power peel. You sure got lots of guff from some on the board. People on these boards really want to help one another. Hang in there!
  8. Freedom: It's taking me awhile to get back on the message boards..sorry.. but wanted to answer your questions on subcision. The Derm injected saline solution 1 hour before the procedure. This was injected below the lower eye area to "blow" up the cheek areas (temporarily) This is for the doc to get deep enough enough into the scar without causing any excessive bleeding or permanent damage. This is my 2nd one and feel the end results are worth it. I have indented scars (not too many) but only
  9. In the past 12 years, I've had 2 Medium depth TCA peels and one CO2 laser treatment. Of course, with a hefty price tag. It does nicely for the surface of the skin (smoothness) but not a heck of a lot for scars. And the down time....OMG Horrible!! .. and YES it does cause some discoloration. For the last 2 years, I've been extremely gentle with my skin ( I see an awesome esthetican WHO CARES) and my skin texture looks good (finally) I also have had 2 subcisions (see threads on that) and avoi
  10. Oh.. one more thing...my derm said that it would be hard to find a derm or a plastic surgeon who does the multiple needle "skin needling" He did say and so did my esthetician say that this may cause permanent discoloration in the long run and permanent skin marks. There are new "ultrasound " lasers out there to correct discoloration. With all the wealth of info we all share every bit of info sure helps! I just don't want anyone to suffer from any permanent skin damage from treatments.
  11. Hi all- For anyone that has had skin needling....are there scabs and/or any marks left from the needles? The reason why I ask this is I had my 2nd "subcision" I did mention skin needling and my Derm said that the person who does this most likely doesn't use any sort of saline injections to plump up the skin to prevent permanent long term damage. In other words, my derm basically "blew up" my face (thank god no one saw me for a few days!) to get into to the scar and avoid any bleeding, scabbin
  12. Hi all- It makes sense that Iodine and Gluten products do aggravate acne. It seems like just eliminating those ingredients even for a week or so..no break outs. Does anyone have problems with dairy products also? It is so hard to cut all these ingredients out of our diets,..ughh.. but hey if my skin is clearer...why not. My esthetician can tell I have food allergies from the top of my eye lids (purplish cast) so I haven't totally eliminated these ingredients but making efforts to.
  13. No problem....could you email me and I will give it to you?
  14. Thanks for the humor! You're too funny. Yah cool flicks! 8) :twisted: ..these emoticons are cute.