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  1. thanks for the replies, i do eat loads of fruits and vegetables and take 3 salmon oil pills daily.So eating too much fish might be bad in the long run?Is white meat(poultry) safer in a sense to eat than red meat-beef?
  2. i have gone on just fish eggs vege and rice for almost a month now and it seems to be working out pretty well.I alternate fish everyday but i try to take salmon once a day be it cooked or raw(sashimi).I take about 3 scrambled eggs a day with plenty of olive oil.Will cutting out red meat and poultry affect my healing in any way?Or any vitamins and nutrients im compromising?I do take multivits but i dont really believe in those to put back what im missing out from my diet. help please!
  3. i've been through it, when u feel pain your body produces some kind of hormone that makes u feel good for a while to ease the pain,but u should really stop because it may get addictive and leave you with permanant scars.I broke my pinky knuckle thrice in like 2 months and i know it wont be the same again.
  4. after some pimples, bigger ones it left behind a pinkish/red slightly indented skin-although its not deep or anything but its definitely below the surface.Is this a scar already or when the red fades it'll probably fill up?
  5. egg white+lemon mask seems good, anyone willing to try it out and give feedback?shouldnt overdry the skin from what i think
  6. ok im on accutane 30mg for almost 5 months now, acne is still many times worse than before i started,but now i've been putting 5% bp on comedones mainly blackheads to prevent them from flaring into real zits.This is quite effective i should say, it keeps them dormant for god knows how long but the thing is when spot treating it leaves a pinkish red ring around it(probably due to bp's drying effect)My skin is not dry or anything from accutane but these red/pink spots due to bp spot treating are
  7. too much vitamin A is toxic but not beta carotene.I eat too many fruits and i have an excess of beta carotene, my hands and skin are orangish but from what i know, its a harmless condition.
  8. well, im almost 5 months in and im still looking way worse than before i started,if your're a loser than im a far bigger one.
  9. i spot treat with bp on accutane, no problems at all but maybe thats because im on a low dose of 30mg
  10. i started out at 20mg, it was the worst sight ever.Things got a little bit better at 30
  11. check out the scar forums?Wrinkle looking scar might be a rolling scar.
  12. are u talking about milia? i had some removed before no big deal..