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  1. Okay so update on my nose i keep getting these little ones they turn into white heads right away but im just wondering what is the root cause of it
  2. Im going to the doc sometime soon should i ask if im low on anythin like zinc or vitamin d ? If so what should i ask.
  3. I have benzoyle 5 prescribed from my doctor and which sunscreen should i use ?
  4. Hey guys i need help with my acne. So at the end of my middle school year i started to get acne it was first on my nose im not sure how i didnt worry about it so much back then but i would like regular pimples you know no big deal they would pop or i would pop them and within time they faded away and my skin was back to normal then like at begining of my junior year i started to break out on my cheeks and now i have scars i would worry alot about that last year but a wise buddy told to not worry
  5. I feel you in mid july i had this pimple on my nose that started to form so i did what i would do i put some benzyol and it held the pimple formed i wasnt that big so i waited it out then 3day later it started to go down so i was happy but i shouldnt have started celebrating the next morning it was big then it got bigger i think there was 2 pimples forming so it got way bigger to a point that i had to wear a bandaid on my nose it was so huge like a bubble but then there was a tiny little bit of
  6. Dont worry about it not that bad trust me drink lots of water exercise 3times a week eat fruits and all that good healthy stuff dont touch your face at all. Wash your face in the morning and at night. Dont stress or more will come. Hey your alive dont let this thing bring you down. Your beautiful!!!!
  7. Guys i have a major zit on my nose and i start school tomorrow i need help ive had a huge pimple before and it went down then it left the mark now just yesterday i noticed red around that area and today its really red but it doesnt hurt what can i do to reduce it Will aloe vera help it?
  8. I had a lot of acne on my back too but then its startin to clear up
  9. I already posted them check again If not here you go Right side Left side
  10. The problem is that i dont have the kind of money and have you seen my pictures do you think its alot o acne cause i only have 2 cystic acne on my right and 1 pimple on my left i do get cystic on my left but i dont touch it or worry about it then it goes away but when i get cystic on my right i worry about it and stress about it a little bit
  11. A little bit of both i have 2 cystic acne right now on my right cheek and do you know why i get cystic on my right side ? And i guess i mean when i used proactive i had my left side clear i only broke out on my right side
  12. Okay so my main breakouts are on my cheeks sometimes my nose rarley I used proactive for a little while then right now im using neutrogena oil free acne wash and just like a soap to help with acne. Ive stopped eating fast food latley i drink lots of water so im trying to control it Here is my right side i breakout more on the right Now my left cheek The one with alot of scars is my right side
  13. Hey guys i need your help with my acne im new on here and wondering if you could help give me your opinion
  14. Okay i do that have you ever noticed that in some mirrors you're acne looks fine but others make you look bad ? Or am i the only one? Oh and about the cystic im not sure if it is cystic but its not big its just medium hard and thier is a head forming it not hudge or really red its like the color of a scar