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  1. gets better in may gets worst by end of august. From august to december its gets worst i guess its because of school and stress. From december to march its inproves. from march to may its good. I would have to say spring/summer.
  2. thank you everybody for your comments i appericate you donating your time for trying to help me , boy theres a lot of nice people in this forum, but my problem is now solved, it wasnt a STD at all, it was a reaction to latex, the doctor says it extremly rare and it is treatable, thank you everybody for the info
  3. hey guys i need help, im only 15 yeah yeah its young but recently i had sex with a girl(with a condom) im not quite sure what happened but two weeks after that i've seen whitehead and bumps on my penis and testicles, im using 2% salyicylic pads on it and it hasnt done anything (for 3 weeks), I dont live with my dad, or any with any of my older brothers, so guys, could you help me on this?
  4. i had the same thing you had, and still do, but lots of people are telling you a treatment, what i found to work to is stay on your treatment and eat or drink lots of fruits and vegetables/drinks, try to drink a lot of fruit drinks like mango, some OJ, and some other fruits, I've also used some vitimans like muti-vitimins plus some vitimin E, A, and C this help heal it a bit faster, good luck with it! hey your from the 305 haha
  5. That sucks I have the same thing, its very embrassing, accutone or accutane dont know the correct spelling but simliar to what im saying is pretty effective but they also have some servere side effects, im using 2% salicylic oxy pads and 2% salicylic acid netourgena clear skin, i do this twice a day, its seem to do a bit of an effect, it cleans it a bit but you say those annoying red spots, this is my opinion i dont know if its different for female skin not sure im not a demantalogist or whateve
  6. Sup people? But anyways to my point, around late May 2006 I've been using Dan's Regimen with the Ceatphil cleanser and On The Spot, with No Moisturize because I have oily skin. But I've been using this till the end of June, cleared my skin up well but got a bit of whiteheads once in the while that didnt bother me, because they cleared up in less then 24 hours, but till July 13th I ran out of the On The Spot, it was all gone so i went to shoppers and tryed to buy another because I was leaving th
  7. proavtic solution sucks...i used it for 4 weeks i had perfect results tiny scarring but hardly visible but once i got off the stuff...bam back to square one, they sould of sent a warning about this
  8. I agree with the 12 hours, before i use to apply once in the morning at 8am and once again at 6pm and my ance flarred up, but since with the half a day separation my ance breakouts dont appear that much. But my friend he applys his on at 7am and once agian at 11pm, but its different for everybody elses skin type.
  9. I have oily skin, I'm 15 and have been fighting ance for a year now, I've decided to use Cetaphil and the Clear Pore On The Spot Treatment, I was wondering if anybody who uses a regimen similar to this to tell me if this effective. The medical ingredient in this product is Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%.