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  1. So I'm actually not sure if my acne is considered moderate or severe... but to me I think it's pretty bad? So I'm 14, turning 15, and I've been having acne since I was 12 (when I got my period.) I've always had normal skin until I started having acne, now I have extremely oily skin which gets oily about 20-30 minutes, an hour if I'm lucky after I wash and moisturize. A couple of brands I've tried using are: Clearasil Clean & Clear Neutrogena AcneFree Proactiv Cetaphil Noxzema Chane
  2. Your post is amazing, thank you so much. It truly means a lot. I'm going to try the things you suggested to do if I ever find myself thinking bad thoughts. Thank you again! I hope you have a nice day because you made my day!
  3. I've had acne since I was 12 and I'm turning 15 in a month and a sophomore in high school. Back then I didn't mind my acne much and just used whatever acne washes and moisturizers I saw on the drugstore shelves, which is probably why I have so much now. Walking around school and sitting in classrooms and seeing everyone with such perfect skin brings my self-esteem down alot. Some nights when I'm feeling more down than usual, I'd think of suicidal thoughts, but I'd just push it out of my mind, te
  4. Didn't work.

    I have oily skin with moderate/severe acne. A yearish ago, I used this a few times a week as a spot treatment on pimples for almost a year and it didn't shrink my pimples or anything.
  5. If you're lucky, it might work for you.

    My friend also has acne and recommended me the Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System. I have oily skin and moderate/severe acne. The person at the counter also said that this kit is great and that just in case it didn't work then I can just get the $36 trial set. I should've been turned off by the price but I was just so excited by the idea that this might finally put a stop to my acne that I bought it without thinking. I used it for 1 1/2 months until I finished it and it ultimately made li
  6. I wanted it to work more than anything.

    I was at a local Body Shop when I saw the 3-step set including this facial wash. I'm 15. I have oily, acne-prone skin and read so many good reviews on the tea tree oil line. It was pretty pricey and I've using it for about two months. I wanted it to work so badly as I've spent hundreds already on acne skincare when none have worked. It hasn't worked and I have more acne and acne scars than ever before.
  7. I heard that using Heads and Shoulders works as a body wash as it contains zinc.
  8. When you want to cry when girls with perfect skin say that they want to kill themselves because they have ONE teeny tiny pimple.