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  1. I agree with you so much on this! I guess I just mean that maybe for those who say diet doesn't affect them... it is true for them that diet just isn't an acne trigger for them so they are not wrong in that sense. But yeah, making generalisations for all other people is wrong for sure! Thanks so much for sharing so many useful links and articles, I still haven't read all of them and there is so much content here in the forums! Thanks so much for your comment! Actually come to think
  2. Thanks, yes, I am going through trial and error I guess... There are so many conflicting views and studies with conflicting conclusions out there... Maybe they're all right and it's just that everybody is different and has different sensitivities. I really don't know anymore... :( But I do believe that diet and lifestyle has some connection because there seem to be a lot more acne sufferers than there were in the past. I don't know, maybe I just didn't notice it but it seems to be the case. Even
  3. aliengirl

    Acne :(

    Acne photo log to monitor my progress... :'\
  4. Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, I'm really not sure that diet will help for my acne, but in any case, the diet has improved my digestion so much, so I'm really happy about that... I was happy about the lighter periods too but now confused because the period is gone haha...
  5. Hi, good to hear that you have some good results from your low GI diet! I hope your skin will continue to calm down!
  6. Hi everybody... I'm new here, though I have browsed the site and the forums over the years... Recently feeling pretty lost again about my acne, and finally decided to join the discussion in the forums... I live in the Japanese countryside and eat a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables only (locally farmed and organic - I often receive fruits and vegetables as gifts from my generous neighbours who keep their own veggie gardens!). I make green juices and smoothies during the day, and i