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  1. Day...uhhh? i'm still slacking off, so it's hard for me to tell if it's still working. i think i'll end my diary here, and let the previous entries stand for themselves. this is by no means a "miracle cure". i still have active acne, but it isn't as bad as it used to be. so, it does help, at least to a certain extent. i'd say, if you're into natural products, go ahead and try it. it's affordable, and has a very easy to follow regimen. good luck!
  2. Day 66 i've started more regularly on the program again, and my breakouts are definitely starting to go away. it's been excessively hot here, so i sweat often while at work. with that, it's even more important that i wash my face every night and follow the directions. i'm still a satisfied customer!
  3. Day 60 sorry for the lack of updates!! i had to move back from college and start working and everything else. i've been slacking off a lot with the regimen, missing days here and there. my skin is pretty broken out at the moment, so i guess that shows that Nature's Cure must do something good. i just bought my 3rd pack today, so i'm going to try to get back on track. i'll also try to update more often!!
  4. i found this website on google: http://www.angelfire.com/md/cookiemueller/pimplescure.html it sounds reasonable, but i'm not really an expert on this kind of thing. does this site have sound advice?
  5. Day 40 things are clearing up a little more. i'm still doing everything as specified by the directions. my skin feels consistently soft. i've been trying to use more natural products, so this is fitting in very well. hopefully it will clear up even more.
  6. Day 38 can't see any new/significant improvements. a few pimples popping up here and there. (note: i saw the new Nature's Cure TV ad yesterday...it's about 3 minutes long and is kind of like a mini-infomerical. i found it to be kind of campy, but nevertheless: i sure hope it works.)
  7. Day 31/End of Month One well, it's the end of the first month. i am getting far less breakouts than usual, but my skin is still not looking all that great. i'm going to keep going with the program and see what happens.
  8. Day 26 small breakout, but still sticking to the same regimen, still once a day. i'm afraid if i start doing it twice a day, the cream will start drying out my face a lot. i bought next month's supply, because i only have 4 days of pills left. however, i have a LOT of cream left. (sidenote: nature's cure has a promotion now where all the male acne treatment packs comes with a free 4.4oz tube of got2b hair spiking glue, which is actually shrinkwrapped with the pack. a weird thing to put with ac
  9. Day 23 the effects seem to be reverting. i've been breaking out a little more all over my face. my face is consistently smoother, however, and softer. but, the acne is still going strong. i'm gonna keep on it.
  10. Day 16 my schedule got a little mangled over the weekend...i missed a pill so i had to take 3 today. also, i was forced to miss a day of the cream, but it shouldn't really matter too much. i think it's still helping, but it's a little hard to tell. it says that you usually don't see results until the month mark, so i'm not too worried. i'm just gonna keep on it.
  11. Day 12 it looks as if my face is clearing up more than usual. i get occassional whiteheads, but not big breakouts like usual. and i'm pretty stressed right now, so i would most likely usually breakout. the plan is very easy to follow, and it's more structured than most regimens. i'm in college, so i usually just take my AM pill on the way to class, then take the PM pill before i goto bed. i wash my face and use the cream after i shower (whenever that happens to be each day). i could never stick
  12. Day 6 not much change...my skin seems to be healing faster than before, but breakouts haven't ceased yet. the cream doesn't irritate my eyes anymore, usually.
  13. Day 4 no results to speak of. seems like it may be getting worse... pills don't give me stomach aches anymore, though it may have been hypochondriatic to begin with...i'm not sure.