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  1. I Hate Life By the Way ...I Hate life by the way.
  2. I have never had a relationship for acne to destroy; nope, it always took care of any relationship, or any idea of a relationship, before it even started.
  3. As long as it's tasteful and stylish, not skanky or slutty, than what's wrong with it?
  4. I have been using Cetaphil for a while, and have never contributed it to breakouts. I think that website is wrong. It says right on the box of the product that Cetaphil is non-comedogenic. But try it, and if the breakouts cease than you'll know for sure.
  5. Since I was 16, which makes it 4 1/2 years now. *sighs*
  6. I tried calling the landlord once. All she said was that she didn't like them either, but she can't really kick them out unless she has a "valid" reason, and she also told me I ought to go tell them myself because it's my home and therefore it's my "right" to not be disturbed, and I agree, but it doesn't work!! And I tried calling the police once, but they went to the wrong house and left before I could point them in the right direction. I don't want to keep calling them and make it look like I'
  7. Oh, ah-ha, you probably are one of the losers who blasts their music thinking it makes you look cool. Turn it down so the sonic booms will stop causing your brain cells to friction and rupture.
  8. Don't put up with that bullshit. Call the landlord or the police on their disrespectful asses. God I hate people who blast their music without regards to other people's peace.
  9. I have never been in a relationship or ever had anybody interested in me either. I have never even been remotely in a relationship. Nobody seems to like me in that way. It does kill.
  10. What are we having? And mine sure as hell better not be burnt! And I refuse to sit next to Hitler or Mother Teresa. Edit: Princess Diana will be fine.
  11. Really? I didn't notice. Remembering it, all I remember is that they had perfect skin. The other only thing I remember noticing was the goofs with the obvious boom mics in the scenes. Hahahaha. Stupid Shia LaBeouf.