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  1. thanks for your replys! yeah it is weird, but ive not got long to go now - only 20 days! i think my skin is getting better coz people are saying it looks smoother, its the scars that make it look crap. they should fade though- if so the side effects will have been worth it!
  2. my goodness i thought i was the only one! im really bad, i plan my day making gaps for reaplying makeup, i wouldnt get a full time job coz i was scared my make up would wear off and people would see the real face, so i got 2 part time jobs so that i could go home and scrub the last make up off and put on fresh! so glad that im not the only parranoid girl!
  3. hey folks! ive just joined and noticed everyone has had great results i was wondering if any one else has had a rough time with roaccutane? im a 20year old female and weigh 10stone. i was put on 60mg of roaccutane for 2months, after getting severe dry skin and eczema my dose was reduced to 50mg. by the end of month 3 my dose was reduced to 30 mg due to the skin on my arms and legs looking and feeling like id spilt boiling water on them. id also developed the unusual side effect of my nails dig